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Ghost-Face4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

Sweet, off to download the Home theme....

Codeman4204791d ago

yea that was the first thing i D/L even b4 i went to the blog to get the news.

DarkBlade4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

i got the theme but come on i wanted some demos

Edit: has anyone watched the home trailer. Because i saw the names on some avatars were blurred out. I think you can hide your name in home. That pretty cool makes it more safe.

Tsalagi4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

It was mostly likely Sony employees who didn't want their profiles to be seen or beta testers who wished too stay anonymous. At least i hope so. Being able to hide who you are in an interactive environment like Home opens up all sorts of possibilities to troll.

n4gsux4791d ago

i downloaded the home theme and i got an email from PSN sayin i was selected for the extended beta!!!! YESSS! ILL KEEP YALL UPDATED ON HOW IT IS!!

BLuKhaos4791d ago

"At least i hope so. Being able to hide who you are in an interactive environment like Home opens up all sorts of possibilities to troll."
oh dude you gotta try trolling in games every once in a while,especially with the anonymity since you could start all kinds of random crap then sit back and watch the ensuing chaos you created.I used to love going into hardcore S&D matches in COD4(PS3) under my alt account #4 with the voice changer on(high pitch) and start babbling incoherently and making random car noises and then laugh as everyone in the team would bug out and get angry at me.oh and things would really heat up if another troll would join the team.I didn't do this regularly though,I only did this to relieve stress.

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Homicide4791d ago

Awesome. There are Disgaea 3 wallpapers.

KillaManiac4791d ago

I am so eager for Disgaea 3...its not even funny!

Best SRPG series in my opinion. FFT War Lions was great, but still no Disgaea 1.

Laharl FTW!

Deviant4791d ago

not available in germany/eu i guess least not yet (could be wrong though :P)

hunter214791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

by sony doing this application stuff again for close beta, im being doubtful that the open beta is going this year, i think it will be delay again. but who knows.

Real Gambler4791d ago

Look at Gmail. It's been out for years, and still in beta. Remember, this is free and a work in progress. I don't even think they will open the door worldwide in one shot either. Like Gmail, it will likely be throught invites from people already in, so if somebody is not getting in with this batch, I would bet it's a good time to make some friends with those who did : )

Gamekilla4791d ago

home will leave the beta phase, he said he's doubtful the open beta will come soon....
gmail is still in beta but its an open beta, one no longer needs an invitation to join, home on the other hand is a closed beta

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