PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4's Multiplayer Gets a Ton of Details: Abilities, Sidekicks, Gameplay & More

During a behind closed doors presentation following the Paris Games Week conference, Naughty Dog shared quite a lot of details about the multiplayer of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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trywizardo1272d ago

seems awesome
but I do have one question , is the MP in TLOU good ?!
I finished the game and the DLC but skipped the MP ..

itBourne1272d ago

It is very unique, and a blast. Barring the insanely ridiculous micro transactions that effect balance...

VerminSC1272d ago

It's my brothers and my favorite multiplayer

ServerBOT1272d ago

It's good if you learn how to play it properly and not be in a team with lone wolves uncooperative team-mates. unfortunately if you don't have a party of friends the matchmaking is really bad. meaning 1 side full of high skilled and 1 side full of low skilled.

Mp really is one of the best team play game, when people don't try to play it like cod.

GetSomeLoGiK1272d ago

MP is very underrated, I play it everyday. Rank 455 worldwide baby.

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Rimeskeem1272d ago

I really hope they have a more simplistic competitive play without mystic powers and sidekicks and focus it on teamwork.


You should look over your article for mistakes...

ABizzel11272d ago

I agree.

I'm hoping they have this for those who want all out craziness, and an Uncharted 2 like mode for those who simply want skill and teamwork. At least have those 2 modes, and we're all good.

And yes Abriael, you typed so fast you made a lot of mistakes.

VerminSC1272d ago

So I LOVE tlou multiplayer for its teamwork. Would you say uncharted multiplayer (which I've never played) focuses THAT much on teamwork?

Rimeskeem1272d ago

In Uncharted 2 the team with the most teamwork often won however you could be a one man army, but the good team would beat the one man army.

ABizzel11272d ago

I have mixed feelings about the store, boosters, and sidekicks.

I don't mind the store offering weapons, as long as they're customization options like Golden Guns, and not something like start the match off with a Grenade Launcher or Rocket Launcher.

I don't mind boosters, so long as they're of equal obtainability for everyone, like how Uncharted 2 spawned Rocket Launchers / Grenade Launchers.

I don't mind sidekicks as long as they can't be abused. 1 per match, per character is the most I want to see them. If it's tied to kill streaks, then make it a pretty high number so they're skill based. Or tie them to death streaks, when someone on the team just sucks (unfortunately there are those players, and I must say it's one of the worst things to have this happen to your team in a MP match).

And overall I won't mind this if they stick with these options, and the only way these things are obtainable is with in-game currency from playing.

The problem is I seriously doubt the in-game only currency.

The MP looks fun, but if it's P2W I'm out of there Day 1, which is fine with me since I prefer Single-Player and Co-Op in Uncharted anyway, and haven't loved MP since UC2.

DragonDDark1272d ago

Again.. Lots of people are missing this.. the microtransaction items are unlockable within the game.

ABizzel11272d ago

I said that.

And overall I won't mind this if they stick with these options, and the only way these things are obtainable is with in-game currency from playing.

But it becomes a problem if you can start paying to unlock these things for regular use in Multiplayer.

Having early access by paying is bad enough, but if they can drop cash and bulk up every match, then that's ridiculous and games are almost never set-up to where those who earn their rewards in-game, can match what outright paying can, or else there would be no reason to pay cash to begin with.

I'm just hoping for the least possible evil.

Greatest Evil: Pay $1 - $10 and get skill boost, start the match with a rocket launcher, multiple sidekick use, etc... each match.

Mid Evil: Early access to stronger weapons & boosters, and skill boost like better aiming or aim assist, gain 1 addition Rocket booster...

Least Evil aka no one really cares: Customized weapons, Golden Weapons.

And based on the previous games I have a feeling it's much closer to the Mid Evil, which opens the game up to Pay 2 Win. If you want to add a store, do it a month or more after launch where it doesn't affect the Day 1 players.

FoxyGotGame1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

UC4 visuals look phenomenal in MP Mode! Those effects, and smooth animations are just heavenly. Love the banter between the characters and there are many returning characters. Seriously, UC4 MP could be even bigger & even more popular than UC2.

I get why UC4 MP is being downplayed on N4G ...Probably because UC4 MP runs @900p/60fps and manages to not look like a last gen game ... lol /

ServerBOT1272d ago

If they could do Campaign in 60fps by dropping to 900p, i wouldn't mind an option for it.

Like in option menus, 60fps 900p or 30fps 1080p.

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