Gravity Rush 2 is Coming to North America Exclusively on PS4

Sony Entertainments Brian Dunn has announced on that Gravity Rush 2 will be coming to North America exclusively for the PS4 and that Kat and Revan will be coming with some new combat tricks up their sleeves.

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FallenAngel19841276d ago

I'm glad that the original Gravity Rush is also releasing on PS4 so audiences can fully embrace this franchise in its entirety.

Abash1276d ago

Definitely getting Gravity Rush Remastered, love that it's only $30 too. That should make the wait for Gravity Rush 2 a little easier, it looks even better than the first in every way

freshslicepizza1275d ago

smart move making this for the ps4. looks very good, another game added to what is looking like a sizable list of good games coming.

Relientk771276d ago

Can't wait to play both the games on PS4

DualWielding1276d ago

Kat is the only character to have debuted in the 8th gen that has a real a chance of becoming a video game icon

NovusTerminus1276d ago

Sucks that the remaster in digital only, wanted the CE.

EmptySkyForm1275d ago

Importing is still an option. The game will have english subs in other languags too.

TWB1275d ago

Is that site like some dedicated import retailer? Because if the remaster wont get a physical release, Im tempted to buy this one.

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