Spectacular Montage of Upcoming Titles Closes out PlayStation’s Paris Games Week Conference

Sony’s highly anticipated press conference at Paris Games Week 2015 ended moments ago, closing out with a montage of just a few of the titles announced during its presentation.

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ForzaGT1272d ago

maybe its just me but it felt better showing than E3

ninsigma1271d ago

I thought e3 was better. I got last guardian and ff7 at e3 so that can't be beat for me xD
Also in terms of flow of the show I thought this one wasn't great. The presenters weren't great at presenting their games and it all seemed a bit awkward at times. Great games shown just the presentation wasn't up to what I would expect. We got karra back though so happy days :D

JimmyDM901271d ago

Paris games week was solid but i think E3 topped it.

E3 had the great reintroduction of Last Guardian. The reveal of Horizon, Final Fantasy 7, Dreams and Shenmue 3.

Plus they had that incredible footage from Uncharted 4.

The first twenty- thirty minutes of Paris Games Week were pretty terrible where as E3 started off with a bang (TLG) and kept on going. Paris Games Week didn't announce as many games but it did have the benefit of showing more in depth gameplay of previously announced games (Wild, Dreams, Horizon, etc). Detroit was a huge announcement as was GT:S and their PSVR plans but I think by the sheer quantity alone E3 trumped it.

Great conference though. I can't wait to see what they've got for playstation experience.

WickedLester1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I agree 100% with you that E3's presentation was better.

In terms of games...I don't know man its close. E3 was great but PGW was no slouch. Detroit, GT:Sport with VR Support, Robinson The Journey, Gravity Rush 2, Wild, Boundless, Matterfall, bikes for Driveclub, No Man's Sky release date announced, Tekken 7 with VR support announced, new Ratchet and Clank trailer, new footage of SW:Battlefront, etc. I thought the showing was very solid!

What cracked me up the most was just the Euro audience. No matter how hard Sony tried to get that crowd excited and stir them up into a frenzy, they would just have none of it! Every game shown was met with a lukewarm courtesy applause except maybe Detroit. That one got a decent response but everything else, it was like the crowd just wasn't impressed at all. It was a very different vibe from the US crowd at E3.

Wenapee1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

All that exclusive content coming to PLAYSTATION 4!

I expect some more suprises at playstation experience from sony developers that have not revealed their major next gen games yet.

Wenapee1271d ago

Oh and not to forget, the exclusive content and often improved graphics in multi-platform games, which is expected to happen more often with the increase in console sales gap.

SolidGear31271d ago

Hopefully we'll finally see Sony Bend's new game at PSX. Otherwise I'm quite satisfied with Detroit, Matterfall, Journey and Gran Turismo being revealed.

DittoHefner1271d ago

Was there even a single Vita game talked about at all? Come on, Sony...

WickedLester1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Outside of occasional indie support, Vita is done. The market has spoken and consumers just don't want it. Sad because it's a great hand held but mobile phone gaming is killing it.

DittoHefner1270d ago

Well, it's ore complicated than just mobile but the Vita has been mishandled in a lot of way, and there's also circumstances outside of Sony's control...really a perfect storm hit the Vita. Such potential.

Anyway, did this conference only focus on Sony made games or also ones they publish, or just all games? If it's all games it's hard to believe they didn't have one Vita game.

WickedLester1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I think the issue primarily is that the Vita was targeted at the young adult audience and the problem with that is young adults by and large just don't carry around dedicated handheld consoles. They would much prefer to carry their mobile phones and game on that. By contrast, the DS/3DS is targeted towards young kids who DO carry dedicated handhelds.