Gameboyz Review: Wonder World Amusement Park

Gameboyz reports:

Amusement Parks have always intrigued me with their rides and their games. I have quite a few fond memories of walking through various amusement parks with friends or family eating corndogs and running around all the rides that were there. However in today's age a trip to any amusement park is going to set you back quite a few dollars given how the price for everything has gone up in price. Well Majesco has recently released a game to help all of us get back to the amusement park with a minimal hit to our pocketbooks. Wonder World Amusement Park is a game for the Wii with 30 mini-games and five unlockable rides for you and your family to enjoy. So, does Majesco's home version of an amusement park get the job done? Read on...''

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