PSI Review: Civilization: Revolution

PSI reports:

''Civilization: Revolution brings Civ to your PS3, with brilliant colors creating a lush and nicely detailed world for you to conquer - or leave behind, if you choose to pursue a technological victory.

One of the graphical touches that I especially liked were the animations of the various characters in the game, from your advisers to the other world leaders and the barbarians you encounter while playing. When encountered and interacted with, these characters come in from the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, each with their own entrance and mannerisms. Of particular note is the barbarian who "climbs" up into view from beneath the screen (still on the left side). These characters' animations give them a personality, helping to make them less two-dimensional (in the literary sense, not the literal one).

There is a lot of chatter that goes on during your interaction with the various characters in the game, but it's just that - chatter. The world leaders speak nonsensical mutterings that are designed to convey a general feeling and sound like that leader's native tongue, but the important, specific information of dialogues must be read on-screen.''

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