Ubisoft Massive talks Single-Player in Tom Clancy's The Division

There are a handful of items gamers want to know about when it comes to Tom Clancy's The Division and among those happens to be single-player. While the game is largely a co-op and competitive multiplayer focused experience, Ubisoft Massive has said there will be single-player for people to enjoy.

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jv19911270d ago

You see ppl there is single player!!

KiwiViper851270d ago

Yep, its co-op by yourself.

Not that its a bad thing, I like the idea of being alone and hunted. It makes progression even more rewarding, and certain situations will be best avoided until you have better skills.

It sounds like a really intense RPG to me. At least that's how I intend to play it. I'm in the closed Beta so will let everyone know what I think.

jv19911270d ago

I have a beta code to and i pre orderd the 150 version

Hugos1270d ago

Good news. After all this mess with CoD and zombies, Mp i was tired of reading still that same again and again. But this is "wow". Game will contain a single player mode. Thats somtehings strange:)))) Good, that they make such decision, but im curious about look and feel in this mode, where whole game was to be a MP RPG. But there is Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, which will have a big single player campaign and will make player to feel like real sniper. One false movef and *tadam* player will be in serious trobule:)

Roccetarius1270d ago

There's no SP mode, because you're still going to meet the same people, that you would if playing the game with a friend. The game is still going to be online only.