Watch Heads Explode in Fallout 4 Courtesy of the Big League Perk

EB: Bethesda has posted a very short, but very violent trailer for Fallout 4 to show of the Big League Perk.

The Big League Perk gives your melee attacks double damage with a chance to cripple your opponent, or as the trailer shows off brilliantly, grand slam their head off.

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boodi1274d ago

I'm concerned about the graphics it looks nearly last gen

Derekvinyard131274d ago

If you guys notice in the last clip after he kills the security guard you can take his stuff without even searching his corpse. Cool

SlightlyRetarted1274d ago

I think there was some talk about that. You just hover your crosshair over a dead body and it shows the inventory and from there you can choose what to take. No need to press a button to open it, like FO3 and FO:NV.

Testfire1274d ago

I was trying to explain to someone the other day what makes Fallout so special. It's kinda hard as it doesn't have the best graphics, the best story and usually there's a lot of bugs on release. But once you start playing there's a certain charm this game has that's irresistible.

Point is, if you're playing for the graphics than you're playing the wrong game.

boodi1274d ago

i'm a fallout 3 fan and i love the immense gameplay ,but i wanted badly this game to excel in graphics too

iNFAMOUZ11273d ago

i dont think you know what last gen looks like, especially for an open world game of this scale, this is next gen for sure, if you cant see that, i suggest you look up fallout 3 on last gen

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skennedy251274d ago

OMG!!! this game can't get here quick enough

Omnisonne1274d ago

Granted i'll be smashing heads with about every possible baseball bat mod :D