Halo 5 Preorderers Met with Too Early to Play Issue, Slow Downloads

SegmentNext - Some Halo 5 Guardians fans who preordered the game are reporting that the files are being downloaded too slow.

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AizenSosuke1275d ago

Oh boy man that sucks. That it why I preordered on an physical copy folks.

81BX1275d ago

Yeah i pre ordered digitally... no issues here.

Caedus5111275d ago

Same with me, I preorder and preloaded digitally and my game unlocked and ran just fine at 12:01 am last night. Not sure who was running into issues, but if anyone started downloading yesterday after 6 PM I could understand there may be a lot of stress on the servers providing the content.

GamingIVfun1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I bought the physical copy and it took forever to install particularly the last 10% of the game. The disc didn't seem to be spinning during the last 10% of the install.

Installs from disk seem to take a long time on Xbox One but this one was excessively long. I could have downloaded the game much faster.

towelie12881275d ago

i digitally preordered and everything worked fine
no issues whatsoever.
i had no matchmaking issue either!

Volkama1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Not heard a single peep about matchmaking/multiplayer hosting problems. Commendable for such a big launch.

We should expect a good online experience while we pay for the service, but with the way the MCC released there was reasonable cause for concern :)

Masterofwiiu3ds1275d ago

I wish things were that smooth for me. I bought the $250 version of the game. No one said it doesn't come with the disk. So I called MS and they said they would ship me a disk. But they have no idea when it will arrive.

So I'm stuck, buying their most expensive version of the game, but unable to play it (since they make you give them the download code so you can't redeem it).

MS screwed this up badly.

LAWSON721275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Should of used the code then just bought a physical copy in a year for $10. Also everyone said it did not come with a disc, maybe when you spend $250 pay just a little bit of attention. MS was more than open about it being digital

Masterofwiiu3ds1275d ago

Seriously Lawson? You are siding with Microsoft on this? Talk about blind fanboy-ism.

I have pretty much every collector's edition of every game I've ever bought (if they have one), and I've never once not had a physical game disk. In the Amazon description (which I read, but the way), it never said anything about no disk included.

franwex1275d ago

I have to side with Microsoft on this one too. It was plainly stated that it came with a digital code bro. There were tons of articles regarding this...

81BX1275d ago


I agree ms should have a disc in the most expensive version. However i cant side with an uneducated buyer (no offense). Im sure next time you'll do a little research before putting that much cash down

Caedus5111275d ago

Why did you spend so much without knowing what you were buying? Sorry you feel bad about the purchase but it was well known that there wasn't a disc with that edition.

Masterofwiiu3ds1275d ago

If I were the only one out there who didn't know - sure. I'd accept the blame. But when I got my game and couldn't find a disk, then realized there was just a code, I googled it.

A LOT of people were upset too (because they didn't know).

That tells me that Microsoft screwed up.

Also, I haven't seen anything on this aside from people being upset - so it being "widely known" is false. It may be known by you, but that doesn't mean it's widely known.

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Sm00thNinja1275d ago


Letsplayhalo1275d ago

Go to link and see it yourself. There are several people complaining about these issues.

Sm00thNinja1275d ago

Mine downloaded slo fact of the matter is it finished and game is running flawlessly but let's nitpick

Letsplayhalo1275d ago

Yeah, you don't have any issues means no one does.

UncleJerry1275d ago

I'm gonna be one download times are ABYSMAL!

The Uncharted Collection is about 44gb total and I downloaded it from PSN in like 4 hours or less (don't remember exactly, could have been even more like 3 or less). I literally ate some dinner and played another game for an hour and it was done.

Halo 5 is about 54gb total download. I stared it at about 445pm eastern time is now 1135am the next day...65%. To be fair, the download stopped over night at some point. But what I know for sure is from 445pm until about 1am it moved to about 30%. Last game I downloaded was when I reinstalled Destiny in August. That was another 24 hour ordeal.

I always loved xbox live as a service and I remember the 360 was lighting fast with updates and downloads (relatively speaking). How can it be that xbox one is so...damn...slow?

UncleJerry1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Well I have Optimum in NY area. I know the downloads are 50mbps. I rarely see it hit that when testing but usually can see at least 30. Also, my uploads usually land somewhere near 20.

I have been meaning to call customer service because I get the sense that for the last few months I've been slower than normal. But that's something I noticed months ago. Meanwhile, I was able to download the UC Collection in a few hours no problem. So I have to suspect this is an issue on their end (MS), not mine.

TheUndertaker851275d ago

If you take in the whole of the comment...

How would DL speed instantly be the issue when they point to the fact they don't have the same issue on PS4/Xbox 360?

ABizzel11275d ago

It's no mistake. The PS4 has a secondary processor dedicated to networking, which is why more often then not PS4 stuff downloads much faster than XBO.

A lot of PS4 games can install and update at the same time in the background, and for some reason many XBO games have to download the complete update first before it can begin installing, which makes things on the PS4 significantly faster than their XBO counterpart.

testerg351275d ago

I am not sure that makes a difference in UncleJerry's case. I believe he just leaves the consoles alone when they were downloading.

ABizzel11275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )


It's exactly one of the reasons why it's taking so long. There's even a notice for people downloading Halo to takes specific steps to improve download speeds.

Halo slow install & download fixes:

1. If you’re installing the game from a disc, disconnect from the internet before you begin. If you don’t, it will try to install the game and download the 9 GB patch at the same time, which will slow it down a lot.

XBO simply struggles with doing updates and installs at the same time, this takes 1 to a few minutes on PS4, but on XBO it can reach double digit minutes to simply download the update if you're trying to install as well, and it slows down the install, making the overall download take much longer.

2. Many people who bought the digital version of the game are reporting slow download speeds. A bit of fiddling with network settings might help.

Go to Network Settings:
Change Primary DNS to
Change Secondary DNS to
Enter Advanced Settings and click Alternate MAC.
Press Clear

It's almost always recommended to keep your Xbox on a dedicated IP address, because it has a nasty habit of jumping to a strict settings or simply end up with a much slower connection than you should.

A hard reset can help with this sometimes, but changing your network settings and opening your ports on your router, can make your speed and status jump significantly.

lxlkuyaboilxl1275d ago

I was able to play the single player campaign at 9PM PST last night without any issues. I preloaded my copy a few days before hand.

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