GPM Review: Siren: Blood Curse

GPM: "Back in 2004, Sony released Siren for the PS2, a very creepy survival horror game that took it's inspiration from Japanese horror movies such as "Ringu" and "Ju-on". Unfortunately, at least for fellow American gamers, Siren sold poorly and Sony decided we were not worthy enough to receive its sequel. However, after four Siren-less years, Sony announced Siren: Blood Curse, a remake of the original Siren and the first traditional survival horror game available on the PS3. Furthermore (for US and European territories), the game would be available only through episodic downloads through the PS store. I myself, not able to stand being Siren-less any longer, decided to take 5 and a half hours and download the whole just-shy-over 9gig game and quench my horror lust (the game is downloaded one episode at a time, so it's possible to play an episode without downloading the whole game if you don't want to wait for 5 hours). In the end, the wait is worth it, because Siren: Blood Curse is just as creepy and tension filled as the original and makes enough improvements to make it even better."

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Homicide3751d ago

Great score. Now bring in a blu-ray disc version.

yoghurt3751d ago

blu ray version is coming in Autumn/Fall