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Epsilon's Halo pro Snipedrone delivers his verdict on Guardians.

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skydragoonityx1269d ago

was really expecting halo 5 to be a GOTY material... guess not.

76erz241269d ago

I think it is for sure. The campaign has been great through the first 5 chapters and the multiplayer is absolutely the best competitive multiplayer of this generation so far. Maybe since Gears of War 3.

ThePope1269d ago

The biggest issue is that the Halo story is being compared to OTHER Halo stories not game stories in general. And shocking a new direction for the series has proved divisive.

Lots of people are spending time bashing it just because of what it is. The first big exclusive of the generation and its apparently proving awesome on all fronts. You can tell because if you look the lower scores there are 300+ comments of people trying to say the game is just ok. Yet the high scores have few comments. CERTAIN people want this game to fail. It wont. Its huge and amazing. A certain fanbase is just sad they cant play it.

Ricegum1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I'm sorry but I have to stop you there. Bloodborne is the first big exclusive, and one of the highest rated to date, along with Last Of Us. Don't be blind because it's called Halo, the reviews are averaging it as the most poorly numbered Halo to date. (Think its 85 so it less than Halo 4's 87 which is poor for Halo standards)

Plus how can you ignore the fact that A LOT of reviews have noted some negativity about Halo's single player campaign?

styferion1269d ago

wow, why can't people just accept people have opinions? It's like we can't talk anything negative about Halo at all it's ridiculous. Even IGN's own Ryan Mccaffrey, one of the biggest Xbox fans I know have some concerns over Halo 5.

Get over it people, it's a good game, but not perfect. It's certainly didn't break X1 non 90+ exclusive metascore record. No need to bash people expressing their dissatisfaction with the game.

spicelicka1269d ago

That's a piss off, even the shittiest halo story is better than most games out there. I guess the standard is just set too damn high in the past games.

ThePope1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )


Sorry brother but Bloodborne is no where near the game Halo is. Its a new IP that did well but its not the 5th numbered game in one of the most successful and well loved franchise is gaming history. Try harder. I'm not ignoring some negativity all my point is its a new direction and some people don't like where its going.

A 90+ metacritic means absolutely nothing. Even after the reviews came out people still lined up at stores for midnight releases (One in my area had people starting to line up at 8), when was the last time that happened??

To the 2 above; your comments just show how much people want down play Halo. Do you guys even own a X1? If so are you going to play Halo? Im guessing both answers are no. I get it you're bummed. Its ok I feel for you, Halo is amazing.

Bobafret1269d ago

No, they are just angry that someone enjoys something that they do not. Yes, they are that crazy. I will have to wait until tomorrow night to make my own judgement, waiting on Amazon.

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vikingland11269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Another good review from a HALO champion. He played the campaign on legendary and kept dying that says alot about the game.