Sony Funded Secret Ponchos in Return for PS Plus Giveaway, Devs Happy With Sony's Indie Policies

Switchblade Monkeys' Secret Ponchos didn't have the success on PS4 that the developer had hoped for, even after giving it away as a freebie with PS Plus. The developers talk working with Sony, development of the PC version and the possibility of cross-play between the PS4 and PC versions of the spaghetti western.

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RAM0N 2064d ago

I hope the cross play is true becouse i loved this game i even bought the dlc

himdeel2064d ago

I need to give this game another chance. It just didn't grab me after my first few games.

chrish19902064d ago

The lack of an in-depth tutorial and bot mode probably didn't help. I think they actually added both to PC release.

TFJWM2064d ago

Ya it is a little tough at the start to figure it out but once you do its really a solid little game

2064d ago
DarkResistance2064d ago

i liked it. really fun game.

DMZ_P2064d ago

Tried back this game 3 weeks ago. Could not find any online matches. Waited for a good 15 minutes.

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