Fallout 4's Trophy List Has Been Revealed, Take a Look

Fallout 4's PlayStation 4 trophies are up and ready for your viewing pleasure. Most of the achievements are fairly spoiler free, as mission trophies mention only the task's name, but if you'd rather keep your Fallout 4 experience pure, maybe skip this indulgence. Or have at it, up to you.

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Crispyleeks1276d ago

Awesome can't wait to play!

GigawattConduit1276d ago

I'm gonna place SO many mines while pickpocketing.

SolidStoner1275d ago

I have no issue with that.. and sorry, I just disagree because I will not do the same... (too many options to choose) I dont know why I must play like "jesus" these fallout games! I always help everyone, save everyone, protect everyone, with my own resources and precious time.. while I could just place SO many mines while pickpocketing! Still NO! I will SAVE the planet Earth!..... " now, where's my tin foil hat? "

"war. war never changes! " cant wait to hear that opening voice! :D

bloodybutcher1275d ago

Hmm...I guess i'm the opposite. First thing in fo3 i did, after finding the cave full of kids, was trying to shoot them and to blow them up.

FullmetalRoyale1275d ago

I play nice, unless provoked, usually. Though I have in the past allowed myself to ruthlessly murder one person for their clothes. In New Vegas it was a duster and black cowboy hat. :)

My favorite memory of Fallout is in 3: I was inside a bunker, and it was full of friendly npcs, a lot of them traders. After I went through, traded, and talked with everyone, there was this woman who was mistreating her son. So I went back and forth between the woman and the boy, talking to them. Right at what felt like the end of that little arc, instead of clicking on the woman to talk to her, I accidentally grabbed a plate off the table...
They attacked. They all attacked. I killed about one third of them before I was able to make it to the exit, and this is where the story gets interesting. On the other side of the door I breathed a huge sigh of relief, free of that chaos. Then after a moment or two, I went back inside. ;)

crazychris41241276d ago

Getting a home run or a touchdown should be interesting

creeping judas1275d ago

Maybe dislodging someone's head with a melee weapon?

yuukiliu1276d ago

Just digitally preordered it on my PS4 today...why are there so many open world games on backlog is getting scary. Bloodborne, MGSV, DA:I, Yakuza 0, Witcher 3...I haven't finished any of them yet. Lol.

Eidolon1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Beat Witcher 3 once, damn near platinum except for Gwent trophies and Horse trophy glitch. I pre-ordered Fallout 4 digitally so I can share it with my bro, he's getting Battlefront, so I'm going to have an unproductive year.

bobtheimpaler1276d ago

Cancelled a preorder I had and ordered it from JBHiFi for $60 bucks. Looking forward to my first fallout game.

SolidGear31276d ago

Enjoy. It's gonna be one hell of a memorable experience :3

Ocsta1276d ago

I'm so jealous of you, when you fall in love with Fallout you have FIVE amazing games waiting for you with open arms...

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The story is too old to be commented.