Nintendo World Report: Kung Fu Panda Review

Nintendo World Report writes: "Kung Fu Panda has now appeared on all four currently active consoles, including the PS2. Unfortunately, the Wii version gets the short end of the stick with surprisingly primitive graphics, horrible sound quality, and questionable motion-control gameplay.

The game concerns Po, a fairly large panda (voiced by Jack Black) who lives in an animal village in China. Despite his lack of fighting prowess, the village elder (a turtle) names him as the Dragon Warrior and gives him the task of protecting the land from foreign invaders – specifically, a big mean tiger named Tai Lung. Po's ascendancy shocks the Furious Five, the village's seemingly most-skilled fighters. Thus begins Po's training by Shifu, the village elder. This training apparently consists of fetch quests, awkward platforming, and repetitious fights."

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