Blizzard Confirms Departure of 'Diablo III' Art Director, Look Of Game Won't Change

Blizzard has confirmed to MTV Multiplayer that "Diablo III" art director Brian Morrisroe has decided to leave the company. A company rep says his departure won't change the look of the game.

Here's what a Blizzard representative told Multiplayer via e-mail...

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solidjun54355d ago

...people are picky about the art direction. I think the game looks amazing and what's wrong with a little light. That atmosphere wasn't the reason why Diablo II was so great. It was gameplay, as it always should be.

Tyrael4355d ago

Thats true, and i like the direction too, i'm just concerned that the atmosphere is going more of the way of Warcraft than it should be. I mean look back at Diablo 1 and remember how eerie and suspenseful it was to play at night. I want to have that feeling still...

DA_SHREDDER4355d ago

I think you pc gamers are just a bunch of rich and spoiled little B*tches and you need your butts whopped for even suggesting a change in this amazing game. If you want a new art direction then you should consider making your own games.