Where to Watch Sony's Press Conference at Paris Games Week

Sony hasn't shared exactly what it will announce or show during the media briefing. Presumably it will have a fair amount of reveals during the event, as the company decided to skip a Gamescom press conference in order to hold off on making announcements until later in the year. In addition to its Paris Games Week showing, Sony also has PlayStation Experience coming up in December.

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Septic1273d ago

Can't wait for this. Should be mega. being done tomorrow confirmed -_-'

Army_of_Darkness1273d ago

I don't start too pretend too work till evening tomorrow, yesss!

styferion1273d ago

on my part of the world it is held on after work hours, so me and my buddies gonna set up a projector and all that in the office's meeting room.

leahcim1272d ago

ahhh ahh ahh
same here

Kribwalker1272d ago

I thought it was fairly weak considering how they were hyping it to be like a gamescom conference

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medman1272d ago

I just turned on my ps4 and my ps3 and in my opinion the first thing you should see is info on Paris games show....instead, there is absolutely nothing. What the F is Sony thinking? What chimpanzee is running the show over there? Pisses me off to no end....there is no organization at all. This is something gamers are anticipating, yet you have to hunt and search just to find a shred of evidence the event even Sony. Get your S together already. Sick of it.

madmonkey011272d ago

its in the events section on ps4,

medman1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Glad you could find it...i gave up and went to youtube ign feed. I tried the live events viewer on ps4...nothing. Nothing on ps3. Terrible. The show so far is shit. Very disappointed thus far. Horizon is a game that is my most anticipated for 2016, but instead of showing something relatively new, we see old shit. Ratchet and Clank was cool, but if I don't see Rime, The Tomorrow Children, or Wild before the show ends, I will consider this show a failure, and that would be the first time in the last 3 years I would feel let down by Sony. At least we got a June release date for No Man's Sky, finally some news in that regard. And the Uncharted multiplayer looks crazy and phenomenal, as does Dreams...but that is to be expected.

medman1272d ago

Ok...Gran I feel much better. Much better.

-Foxtrot1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

"One of the big brands which helped make PS1 so successful makes a return in 2016"


<Plays Street Fighter V trailer>


"Ow...right in the heart"

BadBoyC1273d ago

You can also register for this event in the events section and watch it straight from your PS4. I'll most likely be watching it on the PS4 for better quality but this'll do too.

Also, there has been a couple of time zone errors and a lot of confusion about time zones so for clarification If you're in the U.S. the conference starts at

10: 00 AM Pacific Time
11:00 AM Mountain Time
12:00 PM Central Time
1:00 PM Eastern Time

I'm taking off from work tommorow cuz I know dis gon b gud! lol

OB1Biker1273d ago

I usually watch on Playstation blog or twitch on my PS4 browser

MasterCornholio1273d ago

-give you a big hug-

Thank you.


akurtz1273d ago

theres an official twitch app on the ps4 now so you dont have to use the browser!

miyamoto1272d ago

Good Day, Mate!
Let's put some shrimp on the barby.

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ArnoDorian1273d ago

I thought it was supposed to start at 12PM EST?
ok who went back into the past

Aenea1273d ago

The US PlayStation blog (and DualShockers too) completely forgot that in the EU we went back to winter time past weekend already. They've since changed the time on the US blog to 10am Pacific...

PreAtaric1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

First event I've registered for so far. :D

I'm excited! Hope it lives up to that. Really hoping to see some Wild footage.

_-EDMIX-_1273d ago

Agreed. The Division might be shown there, Ghost Recon Wildrun is also going to be shown as confirmed a few months ago, likely not on Sony's stage though for their press event.

Rime, Hellblade, expecting a release date for Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls PS4 remaster and QD's new IP!

Also a HUGE rumor that Kazunori is there to show off GT7 or even a port of GT6. Who knows. I would have to expect a racing titles to be shown or announced lol

Farsendor11273d ago

Article is from Gamespot that is who you should be thanking.

Hellsvacancy1273d ago

I'll thank EXTREMETECH for posting it, I don't ever go to the Gamestop site

Farsendor11273d ago

From the playstation blog.

Please note, much like E3 is targeted to the US audience and Tokyo Game Show is targeted at Japan, Paris Games Week is primarily aimed at European gamers — keep that in mind as you watch. Not everything mentioned or shown in the presentation will necessarily apply to gamers in the United States.

Immorals1273d ago

Interested to see what Sonys idea of 'European orientated' is..

Hellsvacancy1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Less sports games probably, unless it's football

Aenea1273d ago

European prices, European bundles, European release dates, don't think that much of anything else will be different...

mudakoshaka1273d ago

No, I disagree on one point. E3 is for the international market. The PlayStation Experience being held in San Francisco is more likely for America, and you have an equivalent for Microsoft and Xbox.

_-EDMIX-_1273d ago

For me....I just don't care. Consider that UK is also Europe....thus what will be announced will also release in English....on a platform that is region free....of titles that can be imported lol.

The chance of a Europe only title getting announced is very slim and even if it does.....import, it will likely still be in English considering UK.

S2Killinit1273d ago

where can this be watched in HD?

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