Festival of the Lost comes to Destiny

Destiny's Guardians can go trick-or-treating in the Tower and get in the Halloween spirit with new cosmetic and consumable items on sale at the new microtransactions store.

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WizzroSupreme1272d ago

Festival of the Lost sure sounds fun.

TM3331272d ago

Still have my jackolanterns from last year. Never used them.

thejigisup1272d ago

Just used one from last year I can't wait to collect masks this year. I want that speaker mask.

UnHoly_One1272d ago

This sounds like fun. Can't wait to get on tonight and mess around with it.

asadachi1272d ago

This reminds me of WoW where players would just stand around cities showing off the gear they got. It always seemed like the sad, dark side of gaming to me.

PreAtaric1272d ago

If that's the sad and dark side, gaming is in great shape.

I can think of several things more sad and dark about gaming than that. Racism and other types of hate speech, girl gamers being harassed… hell even being forced to listen to someone else's bad music is worse than people showing their in game gear off.