Here's the Entire Halo Series Story So Far

Before you boot up Halo 5, you should brush up on history. Luckily, we've got this recap!

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GigawattConduit1273d ago

:D The Halo universe has one of the biggest, interesting fictions in gaming...that is also not really explored until 343 got their hands on it.

Lord_Ranos1273d ago

Agreed man the lore is fantastic for sci-fi enthusiast. This franchise if handled correctly can become similar to Star Wars selling movies, toys, making tv-series and expanding more of the lore in the novels and games.

Orejillz1273d ago

To be honest I never followed the story, thanks for putting this all in one place.

GigawattConduit1273d ago

The Flood make it crazy convoluted, and Halo 2 in particular kinda gets lost up its own bum about halfway through.

user99502791273d ago

Just give me Reach in the MCC and we can call it a freakin day! entire series on X1 would be epic. and I miss Reach MP. Some TeamSlay on Reflection or Powerhouse would be badass.

Crispyleeks1273d ago

This! Reach needs to come to XB1

Caedus5111273d ago

Reach is one of the first 100 backwards compatible games from the 360, so in a way it will be on the XB1 within the next 6 weeks or so (sorry I don't know the exact date when BC will be available)

franwex1273d ago

Woah, kinda convoluted...reminds me of Metal Gear. There's a lot of lore here, they need to tie a few ends.

Caedus5111273d ago

Had Kojima made the Halo games then the entire summary you just read would have all occurred in Halo: CE

GigawattConduit1273d ago

To be continued in Halo 2: The Twin Chiefs!

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