Rebel Galaxy Review - Introducing Capitol Ship Broadside Battles to the Space Game Genre | COG

COG writes - Rebel Galaxy is a space action adventure whose combat is focused on broadside battles between capitol ships. After inheriting your Aunt’s old ship, take on the worst outlaws in the galaxy or become one yourself.

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JohnnyXeo1273d ago

As always I need a damn new pc

GrapesOfRaf1273d ago

Sounds like it's pretty fun if you can get over the lack of 3D maneuvering from the sounds of it. Might be tough for me though, I played a lot of Star Conflict last year.

Somebody1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Don't let the lack of 3D space in a space game discourage you. Just like the article said and from my own experience it is a pretty clever design choice. The game is clearly inspired by Freelancer, a space game that switches between traveling in the 2D plane and dogfights in the 3D plane, but it decided to focus on one plane to highlight the capital ships broadside battles.

Instead of approaching Rebel Galaxy like Star Conflict, Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous, approach it like the excellent ship-ship battles in Assassin's Creed Black Flag.

GrapesOfRaf1272d ago

Ya I think it's worth a shot, I do love ocean combat.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1273d ago

I wonder how much it would be for me to convince the wife I need a gaming PC. This looks interesting.

Truthandreason1273d ago

I'm all in favor of gaming on PC, because it's my favorite, but the game is coming out to next gen consoles too if you have one.