Will Gaming Ever Become a Popular Spectator Sport?

Robert Ashley of 1Up writes: "Surely something is loose and tumbling around in Jason Lake's skull. A former real estate attorney formerly well to do, Lake recently sold his law practice and moved his family cross-country from Atlanta to L.A. so that he could become the full-time manager of a professional gaming team, L.A. CompLexity. For years, the team was known simply as CompLexity, an elite competitive Counter-Strike squad Lake built from scratch and funded out of his own pocket. In the years before "L.A." prefixed the team's name, Lake went some $400,000 in debt running the team, paying its five players working salaries and flying them to tournaments around the world. Now that DirecTV's Championship Gaming Series (a pro gaming league with matches shown on the network's satellite boxes) has purchased the CompLexity name and its players, Lake has abandoned his lucrative career in law for the business that put him in the hole. But as harebrained as that might sound, what makes me listen closely for metal objects tumbling around inside his head is Lake's steadfast insistence that professional gaming - gaming as a spectator sport - is the NBA of the future."

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