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Matt got his hands on the Halo 5: Guardians Limited Collector's Edition and he shares his thoughts on if it's worth the $250 asking price.

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2cents1274d ago

It is a beauty to behold.
The statue is solid and beautifully crafted.

The way they can be split to face of against each other, back to back as book ends or side by side like in the promo shots, this is a very fun and detailed statue to add to any collectors horde.

I got the Needler too, but its a bit poo.

The thing is massive, heavy and came with NO STAND!!!
The mechanism inside is so noisy you can hardly hear the sound effects of the needler gun playing.
Only four shot before reload and the needles don't go down individually but in a row.
It looks really good though.

-Foxtrot1274d ago

Would have gotten this if they didn't ruin it with a crappy jumbo steelbook.

I mean who does a normal steelbook for the last game then decides to do a jumbo one for the sequel

Notellin1274d ago

I'm baffled that's your reason not to get this edition.

-Foxtrot1274d ago

How so? It's a lot of money, you want to enjoy everything in it

I'm a steelbook collector aswell but jumbos are a big no no

Notellin1274d ago

@Foxtrot Just seems like a really odd thing to single out in a 250$ collector's edition. I figured the main attraction is the statue not the steelcase that doesn't come with the game disk anyways.

Chevalier1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Collectors tend to be very particular about how they should be. It is pretty pricy too. So it's not unreasonable for someone to not put out such a huge chunk of change especially if you don't like it. I collect steelbooks as well and the one included would stand out and not in a good way.

Also a digital copy was a terrible idea as well.

Notellin1271d ago

@Chevalier Trust me that steelbook is far better than the crappy Halo 2 and Halo 3 steelbooks. If by stick out you mean the excellent build quality that isn't going to dent or get scuffed then yeah I know what you mean.

I own around over 50 steelbooks and literally they are all different sizes so no way am I buying that excuse. If the steelbook is the reason you aren't buying this particular edition then it wasn't for you in the first place.

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franwex1274d ago

I got the middle edition (wanted the digital one, but best buy gamers club offers 20% on physical games). I'm not a fan of statues at all. I'm strange like that. Plus it was kinda expensive. Which edition did you get, or anyone reading this?

Sitdown1274d ago

Limited Collector's Edition..... Gamers Unlocked worked with it. New just waiting on my physical copy.

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