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Tin Salamunic: Compared to its predecessors, Halo 5: Guardians is both similar and different in all the wrong ways. Its campaign, level structure and rushed ending are all uncomfortably similar to Halo 4, while the gameplay leans too heavily towards something you see in Call of Duty or Titanfall. Breathtaking presentation aside, the latest Halo suffers from what I like to call “big budget fatigue”- meaning all effort and money is put towards marketing and graphics, while gameplay design takes on the usual AAA paint-by-the-numbers approach.

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raggy-rocket2900d ago

Mixed reviews are slightly concerning, I was hoping this game would be up there with Halo 2/3 on metacritic.

Either way I never let metacritic scores affect how I think of the game. It seems many were disappointed with the campaign because it's not very self sustained but as someone who knows all the lore, I'm still thinking this is gonna be my favourite campaign over Halo 2. Multiplayer looks amazing, can't wait. Just 11 hours now!

Manic20142900d ago

It's as it stands 87 on metacritic, That's pretty great to be honest. Completed the game, just last night. It's pretty awesome, not the best in terms of campaigns but it was definitely satisfying and fun.

Genuine-User2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )


I'm sure it will. Quantum Break might be the first 90+ exclusive for Xbox One.

Vegamyster2900d ago


There will probably be another 30+ reviews added by the end of the day tomorrow and last i check a 86 isn't bad, certainly nothing to be "bummed" about since a metacritic score shouldn't affect your enjoyment of the game.

lastking952900d ago

Really? This game was clearly gonna be a love it hate it type of deal. Not everyone will like Locke and the direction they're taking the series. I expected halo 4 scores about 88. Mp is 10/10 for me and I can't judge the campaign till tomorrow, can't wait.

Bigpappy2900d ago

Whatever. I give it 2/100. Preloaded and ready to go. I have no doubt I will enjoy this game immensely. They gave Ryse 1 and 2 out of 10. Last thing I need is some random person on the internet telling me what I would enjoy.

Having made that statement, there are way more 9's and 10's than 6 and 7 for those who may need high scores for console-war purposes.

Crashbandicoot772900d ago

I know you feel disappointed though. Your the one who said this game would be like Halo 2

raggy-rocket2900d ago

As I say, it may still be to me. Some people have said it's their favourite campaign yet. I still have high hopes. Even if the campaign does disappoint, multiplayer is exquisite and can't wait for that.

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MetroidFREAK212900d ago

I have no care whatsoever in the world what this game gets score wise. My opinion will differ from everyone else's and I'm sure I will enjoy the SP, MP, and Warzone just fine. I don't need a number to label a game for me... Been that way since I was young.

Ricegum2900d ago

That's a good way to do things. People need to start thinking for themsleves. I mean, I think just about everyone has enjoyed at least one game that has received poor reviews at some point anyway. A review is just one person's opinion.


Why are the user reviews so much higher than these "professional" reviews?? Everyone I know on Youtube or in real life, love just about every part of the game but for some weird reason these pro reviewers are picking it apart. The same thing kind of happened with metal gear....it got a lot of 10/10's but the user reviews said otherwise....what is up with this??? LOL

nowitzki20042900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Dont know how everyone could love it when it hasnt even been released though.

MGSV was overrated, maybe the most overrated game in a while. Halo 5 should be better especially with its MP.

mark_parch2900d ago

have to agree i would have gave mgsv 6.5/10

Ricegum2900d ago

Yep, traded MGSV in after a week. Never got on with it, absolutely love MGS4 but with 5 the whole open world system ruined it for me.

WellyUK2900d ago

MGSV and GTAV are the most overrated games of the past few years. I don't see the problem with an 85 on metacritic for Halo 5. It's a realistic score and sounds reasonable. User reviews aren't worth looking at as it's always got people giving the full 100 or people giving it a 0 which are both wrong.

nowitzki20042900d ago


GTAV isnt in that most overrated spot for me. Its not as good as I thought it would be, but the world is so detailed, theres so much to do, and then theres online and all the stuff you can do there.

I agree with the user reviews 100%, some "professional" reviews are not much different.

CYCLEGAMER2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

There are plenty of people who got this game early I am not sure what you are talking about.

I am not saying it deserves a higher or lower score (i have not played it yet). I am just shocked at the difference in opinion, by the "pros" and the average individuals. I just think it's weird.

nowitzki20042899d ago


These reviews just are some journalists opinion. Some of them will be PS fanboys and give it 5's or 6's and some will be X1 fanboys and give it 9.5's and 10's.

FPS havent been what they used to be for me but I would be surprised if Halo 5 is anything below an 8.0.

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user99502792900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

metacritic user reviews? I dont care if they are good or bad, there is a tiny fraction of those that are credible. And they usually arent as polarized.

Automatic792900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

This game is going to get a lot of Attention. Don't let reviewers sway you. Judge on your own merit and use reviews from all websites as a general opinions. The landscape has changed and the more ambitious a game becomes the more nitpicking you gonna see. Game on tonight. Me and Chief kicking ass.

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Master Chief Became More Than A Machine In 343's Halo

In Halo 4, 5, and Infinite, Master Chief became a more nuanced, human character.

In spite of the Halo series’ struggles, 343 deserves praise for adding nuance and characterisation to the ever-beating heart of Halo - The Master Chief. Playing through Infinite, it's abundantly clear that the events of the current and previous trilogies have irrevocably changed the iconic hero. He’s no longer the ‘blank slate’ that was previously presented by Bungie. He’s a fatigued, damaged and fallible protagonist, and one who is meandering through currents of grief, while reveling in his newfound agency. Giving the Chief a compelling and meaningful voice was no small feat, and 343 should be proud of that victory.

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kingnick203d ago

This article completely misses part of the appeal of the original iteration of character in the original game trilogy. It was the Chief and Cortana vs an entire alien collective. The blank slate Bungie displayed in their games was genius, he was an mysterious hero a wide audience could identify with because he wasn't as clearly defined as most characters.

The books added a lot of lore and backstory but most Halo players just want a fun game with exposition that doesn't get in the way of gameplay, it's why the Cortana level in Halo 3 was derided.

Not every character has to be a damaged soyboy, a soldier has to suck it up and do his duty.

BandarHub202d ago

A lot of people give the 343 version of Master Chief a lot of slack.
But Fundamentally he is still the same character, he just has a couple more dialogues. He has not changed in terms of attitude.
"Not every character has to be a damaged soyboy, a soldier has to suck it up and do his duty."
And that's what he has done at the end of the day, he did his duty. Watch his partner die, and was ready to destroy the weapon in Halo infinite....he is still the same soilder that everyone remembers

Halo Infintes one was a nice balance between both.

slate91202d ago

Chief and the halo franchise became a joke under 343

Sciurus_vulgaris202d ago

The 343i Master Chief has is based on the books. However, in Halo 4-Infinite, the Master Chief overtime become. gradually becomes more willing to show some emotion.

Obscure_Observer202d ago

"However, in Halo 4-Infinite, the Master Chief overtime become. gradually becomes more willing to show some emotion."

Which is awesome! I love how Master Chief become more John and less soldier.