Halo 5: Guardians Single-Player Review: You Wore Your Halo Out | Paste Magazine


"Halo 5: Guardians is one of the most disappointing games that I have played in the past year."

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DarkOcelet1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

No way this is a 6/10.

"But at the end of the day, there just isn’t that much here for me, even as a casual-sometimes-hardcore Halo fan. If you think Destiny could scratch the itch you have for Halo, pick it up over this game. If not, buckle in for an underwhelming mechanical retread with a so-so story framing the whole experience."

Destiny has been mentioned in this article more than Halo 5. What is this? Is this a Destiny Praise and a Halo Bashing Review or something?

Can we stop comparing those two? Its really getting old. Nobody came to Halo review so we can see the reviewer talk about Destiny. Nobody gives a crap about Destiny nor do we need to see it in a Halo review.

Paytaa1277d ago

There's always a few excessively low scores.

Someone gave Halo 4 a 4/10. It wasn't as good as 1-3 but in no way did it deserve a 4.

suckingeggs1277d ago Show
DarkOcelet1277d ago

What piss me off is that the person who wrote this keeps talking about Destiny, Destiny and Destiny.

This website is clickbait at its finest.

Genuine-User1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I don't think Metacritic will accept this review for Halo 5's meta average.

It is comfortably sitting at 87 with 34 positive reviews.

G20WLY1277d ago

^DarkOcelot, I'm sorry to be pedantic, but after seeing your comment I read the review and kept thinking, "so where's the Destiny bit?"..

It's right near the end. :/

The pedantic bit!: this 1,468 word review didn't even mention that game until 1,182 words in - I don't think the comparison was the basis of the review by a longshot, so it shouldn't be dwelled upon.

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Bigpappy1277d ago

"If you liked doing the things you did in the previous Haloes, and don’t really care about story, you’ll probably like this game." BINGO!!!

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Ray_moondo1276d ago

I won't disregard this review just because I haven't played Halo 5 yet. That's unfair.

However, I'll wait for reviews from sites that I trust. I've never heard of Paste Magazine, and it's entirely possible they're giving a low score just because that's the 'hip / different' thing to do to get clicks. That's something way too prevalent these days.

oSHINSAo1276d ago

I Am playing Halo 4 in this moment for the first time, and im enjoying it a lot, Maybe the reviewer it's a Bungie Fan

XanderZane1276d ago

True. Who the hell is Paste Magazine? Doesn't sound like a gaming magazine to me. lol!! This would be like Better Homes & Gardens giving Bloodborne a 4 score. It's these type of sites I pay little attention to when it comes to reviews. There are sites out there that will give the game a bad review just because they don't like Microsoft. Nothing new here really.

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DarXyde1276d ago

Overall, I think people need to put these recent scores into perspective. You'll get people who agree because they don't like Halo. Then you'll get people who disagree and treat it as clickbait because either (a) it is or (b)'it totally disagrees with their personal interests. It's entirely possible that the higher scores are from avid Halo fans who got caught up in the love of a new Halo as well.

I can think of a few reasons why there seems to be mixed reactions...

It's being reviewed by Bungie purists, they're comparing the experience to other games that are not Halo, it's good for site traffic, or it just legitimately isn't up to snuff with past campaigns in the series.

Microsoft has gone on a bit of a quality assurance warpath though and I don't see them allowing Halo to disappoint. I'm guessing once multiplayer reviews come in, we'll see mostly positive feedback.

I don't like Halo, but the score disparity has made me curious to know what's happening. All things considered, I believe fans will enjoy the game. Reviews are just assessments given by people like you and me, but they're paid for their opinions in great detail. Collectively, we never let scores influence us. No need to start now.

Unspoken1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Where are the real reviews? Paste Magazine? Destructiod? RPG Lovers? Digital Spy? The moderators on N4G looking for hits today or what? Lol

Let's add the Forbes review on here while we're at it, "the best Halo yet!"

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OpieWinston1277d ago

I hate when people mention Destiny or CoD in comparisson to Halo. You lose all credibility. Halo is more like Crysis then either of those games in terms of PvP. Destiny only bares a resemblance in story because Joe set up both universes.

DarkOcelet1277d ago

Destiny doesnt even have a good story. That game is so repetitive and boring and all about grinding. I cant believe its compared to Halo.

dvewlsh1277d ago

So basically you are saying that you hate it when someone compares one piece of art to another that they are familiar with and that the readers will be as well?

Everyone has different experiences, likes and dislikes. If this guy is talking about Destiny the jump isn't that great considering Bungie created Halo as well as Destiny.

Dismissing someone's opinion because they didn't mention a game you might find a better comparison isn't always fair. This simply means you won't agree with this dude.

whothedog1277d ago

I KNOW, its not like they are both FPS, set in space, focused on MP.....wait a min

NewMonday1277d ago


it's actually Larry Niven who set up the Halo universe, he didn't get credit or royalties though.

die_fiend1277d ago

@ dvewish

You just called Destiny ART. I mean, my God man, are you insane!? There's nothing artistic about Destiny in the slightest, it's got to be one of the most bland games going! Something like Journey could be described as art but Destiny? You need to open your eyes.

The only art being displayed here is the art of extracting money from loyal customers.

G20WLY1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

^Die, do you know who created all the imagery/visuals in Destiny (and any other game)?


You probably wouldn't go to an exhibition to see this, true, but still, artists create art.

A better word might have been 'products'. They are comparing two similar worlds, products, games, whatever you want to say as opposed to art, his point seems valid to me.

PudgeyBurrito1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Lots of Destiny mention and how this game is not as fluid as Destiny. Destiny just keeps getting better and better IMO. Halo under 343. Small increments of lower ratings with every iteration.

TM3331276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Destiny... It's like we are supposed to just play Destiny for the rest of our lives, only that one game. I swear I see people on my friends lists like that. I'm ready to move on. I'm sure this Halo game will be cool.

sullynathan1276d ago

Halo is far more like Destiny that it will ever be like Crysis. If anything, Crysis is more like COD than it is like Halo.

b3ast1276d ago

I don't hope so coz Crysis was shjt :D

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Genuine-User1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I think the reviewer might be fixated on the idea that Halo 5 should've been more like Destiny.

Genuine-User1277d ago

Disregard the comment above. I'm wrong.

Jughead34161277d ago

There just had to be at least one of these scores. We clicked on the headline, so the writer got what he wanted. lol.

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ritchi451277d ago

It's the campaign mode, not the complete package. The mp will probably be amazing fun (won't know, don't have a X1).

Erik73571277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

If this is a 6 then cod is a 4.

Why cant we hold call of duty to the same standards as Halo.

kenwonobi1276d ago

They are practically the same game almost. Made by the people who used to make the original and best Halo games. Maybe they made the better Halo already?

MoveTheGlow1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

If you like your reviews to be as straightforward as possible, you'll want to see what else in the genre the reviewer is comparing the game to when evaluating where it stands. Halo is most definitely Destiny's predecessor as a franchise, and making the comparison clear is crucial for gamers who have already played Destiny.

After all, writing about games is a weird business. These types of games are all about movement, precision, the rulesets, map design, etc. It's hard to convey something like that in writing. Comparing Halo to the most recent shoot-aliens-in-the-face game, Destiny, is pretty important for readers.

Plus, this is only a single-player campaign review. It lines up with quite a few other reviews on the campaign, and it seems like you'll love Halo 5 as much as you love multiplayer. Let's be honest here, the people who prefer multiplayer are most people who play Halo. Fans, everything's going to be perfectly alright.

Gunstar751276d ago

If this game had fallen in the lap of this reviewer and I had come from an unknown studio and was an unknown franchise you can guarantee it would have received a more favourable review. As it is Halo 5 is a victim of the weight of expectation and hype.

I know I'm gonna love it, so this reviewer can shove his attention seeking review up his chocolate whizzway

windblowsagain1276d ago

Destiny is crap.

Same old rubbish. Shoot something time and time again. collect crap, buy crap. Drone of the voice. Mp is even worse. No excitement at all. Just feels wrong.

Would like to try Halo again.

But atm. I'm waiting for Starwars BF.

mEATgrinder1276d ago

Many of the lesser known sites are giving crap reviews to publisize their shitty sites

jholden32491276d ago

Quite possible, yes.

The other possibility is they're the only ones left uninfluenced by mega-publisher ad dollars and have the gall to call it what it is.

I couldn't tell you which is the case. All I know is I ordered the game and I'll soon find out for myself.

showtimefolks1276d ago

it's one person's opinion yet he or she will get bashed for giving a low score. If you are buying halo 5 will the 6/10 matter? seriously reviews are getting way too much attention

so if ign or gamespot give fallout 4 a 7/10 does that mean they don't know how to review games? and also will you not buy it?

read/watch reviews to form an opinion and ask your friends who have played it.

343 is very very talented but they will never be able to create the magic that bungie did and that's a fact. when something is meant as a trilogy than gets another trilogy chances are it's gonna be be as good as the first trilogy

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aviator1891277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Since this author keeps bringing up Destiny, which is primarily a mp experience, maybe the author should have done a mp halo 5 review instead rather than campaign.
Even so, it's hard to imagine the author would recommend picking up destiny over a game like halo, given how poorly destiny's campaign had been received.

whothedog1277d ago

Do you really not understand why a game like Destiny would be compared to a game like Halo?

JeffGUNZ1277d ago

Outside of the shooting mechanics (which shows you it's a bungie game), Destiny feels NOTHING like Halo.

FunkyGoron1277d ago

As someone stated earlier, and if you actually read/looked at the article, out of about 1400 words, Destiny isn't mentioned until word 1100 or something.

Credit to the guy above me who posted this way before I did. But if you read the article, he does not mention Destiny.

O, not to mention the people that created Halo made Destiny so all future Halo games will always be compared to any "sci-fi shooters" the team who created Halo will make. Perfectly reasonable to at least mention them in regards to each other.

RocknRolla1277d ago

Previous Haloes. I died a little inside.

G20WLY1277d ago

You say haloes, I say tomatos :D

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