VGS - Halo 5 Guardians Review: RPG Lovers…it’s just not for you

Halo 5 is action packed, varied, explosive and at times….very…very dull. A bit of a primer, you are continuing the story of Master Chief and his team in their search for Cortana juxtaposed to Spartan Locke who is forced to help apprehend Chief with sprinklings of Nathan Fillion.

Other than that, the main campaign is entirely too referential for those relatively new to the series, brush up on your Halo 4 or the impetus for ANY of the fire fights your engaged in will seem artificial. There were moments when a grander narrative shined through but with serious helpings of the uncanny valley (I’m looking at you Nathan) they eventually left you confused and waiting to fight once again.

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Bigpappy1273d ago

RPG guy reviewing a FPS and giving out story spoilers to support his score. I have no problem with his opinion or score, but giving story details is distasteful and passes me off.

PureSophistry1273d ago

Story spoilers? You mean the Wikipedia level entry describing the story?

NewMonday1273d ago

to bad about the campaign, Halo used to have the best FPS campaign and the only reason I like it, MP became a distraction when before it did both great.

Genuine-User1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

"RPG Lovers…it’s just not for you"

What about people that enjoy FPS games? :p

What an odd title.

UnHoly_One1273d ago

Check back in a couple weeks for his Fallout 4 review.

"Fallout 4: MOBA lovers... It's not for you."

3-4-51273d ago

Exactly. It's like Golf Lovers....Hockey might not be for you.

What a terrible article.

aLucidMind1272d ago

I can't help but think that this game was simply assigned to him and that maybe he isn't a big fan of FPS games in general. It's very common within the industry for a review company to go "you like platformers and only enjoy those, so go review Call of Duty!" not realizing that the reviewer will be going in already not liking the game due to not liking that genre.

Relientk771273d ago

I don't get why this guy is reviewing Halo. That's like getting me to review a sports game, which I have zero interest in

BiggerBoss1273d ago

I dont see how it not being an RPG is relevant, but 8/10 is still a good score.

DarkOcelet1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

"Playing arena mode and warzone for several hours left me with 3 kills and 42 deaths. Again this sort of gameplay is undoubtedly fun for some but for those new to the franchise…just stick with Destiny."

Fun to play, hard to love…
Difficult for new players to enjoy…
Nearly perfect shooter mechanics…

What? So, difficult for new players to enjoy and the best advice it to stick with Destiny? Then new players should simply get better, i am tired of those casual shooters out there. And it seems that Halo 5 Multiplayer is challenging. That should be a positive thing.

You see, this is where the fun is really at, when you get better and have more kills, that's where the game gets really rewarding. I am extremely tempted to get the Xone now. Halo 5 can finally ignite back the love i had for hardcore shooters.

I cant take this person seriously especially when he involved Destiny into the fray.

Paytaa1273d ago

I know we've had disagreements in other N4G articles but I 100% agree with you.

Halo finally brings back the hardcore edge to FPS's and then a reviewer says stick with Destiny aka one of the most casual shooters on the market?

If this was released 8+ years ago it would be praised for having a deep learning curve.

I'm sick of games hand holding you especially those in the FPS genre. I miss the days where individual skill was something to accomplish in games and that was something that Halo excelled at. And like you said, taking someone seriously after comparing it to Destiny is quite difficult.

I'm glad the game is hard because it makes the experience better for me personally because it means I'll stick with it to get better and I wish everyone had that mindset.

Funny how Halo 4 gets criticism for leaning casual and now Halo 5 is criticized for being too competitive. Called this 2 days ago.

DarkOcelet1273d ago

Did you see the reviewers gameplay footage? This is worse than the gamespot gameplay footage that was here a month ago.

He shouldn't lower the score because he downright sucks at it. It just hurts watching him play.

pivotplease1272d ago

Is being a gamer even a prerequisite to being a gaming journalist? lol. It's not like sports where you can suck, but still know what you're talking about.

PureSophistry1273d ago

I did outline this was a different sort of review. I explain at the top that this is a review for people unfamiliar with the franchise and the mechanics involved.

DarkOcelet1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Maybe you should have played MCC before playing Halo 5 to get up to date with the franchise and the story. And in terms of mechanics, you should have played it more to get more skilled. Because honestly your gameplay is so bad.

And it makes me wonder if you have played this game on higher level than Easy mode. Heroic Mode and higher is where the fun and the challenge is at in a Halo game.

jb2271272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Don't sweat the criticisms, learning curve for any competitive game is an absolutely vital aspect, regardless of what the other cats are saying. What they propose would essentially be the death of the franchise...if new players have no shot at getting better in competitive matches because they are being killed everytime they spawn, then that leaves the franchise solely in the hands of old players who will eventually stop playing, thus killing the franchise entirely. I think it's important to have titles that present a more even playing field in at least one mode, otherwise how is anyone expected to get good? Considering we are in an age where many mp titles are foregoing campaigns completely, those titles have absolutely zero opportunities for practice, outside of offline bot modes which are quite different.

These are all subjective opinions anyway, and considering there will be many gamers jumping into Halo 5 as their first entry, their voice deserves to be heard as much as a veterans does. The criticisms about the story being difficult to grasp are met with replies of "play every game in the history of the franchise, read every novel and every scrap of into, it's on you that you aren't willing to make that kind of commitment" & the criticisms about a steep learning curve are met with "sink hundreds of hours into the game" people not see the flawed logic in these ideas? Games shouldn't rely on a gigantic extended universe narrative to be understood, and they shouldn't require an extremely long commitment in order to have any kind of fun. It's on the devs to smooth these factors out, not on the player for not spending hundreds of dollars & hours in order to enjoy a single title.

The icing on this entire cake? Pretty certain that the mp is only open to reviewers at this point, so none of the criticisms can be coming from a place of any kind of actual experience w/ the title, only hypothetical expectations created by reading the opinions of a handful of people who actually have played it. Also, there's the potential that all of the game journos in these matches are simply pretty great at the series.

christocolus1273d ago


well said. 8 isnt a bad score by any means but the part about sticking with Destiny seems off and what the heck is that title about?

"VGS - Halo 5 Guardians Review: RPG Lovers…it’s just not for you"

slappy5081273d ago

Yeah I can see why he would say hard to love if he continually get his ass kicked. Great to see a competitive shooter that is... Competitive. And this guy should stick to RPGs

Julion07151273d ago

Guys forget this dude he sucks and his review was his opinion and I know his opinion sucks but it's his opinion what I'm trying to say is this masterpiece will be in real gamer hands real halo fans tonight we will be having fun while he sticks to (destiny) lol

OpieWinston1273d ago

If you're recommending people to stick with Destiny PvP... You clearly don't know what a balanced PvP experience is? This guy shouldn't have reviewed the game clearly.

Destiny is the most poorly balanced PvP experience I've ever seen. P2W games are more balanced then it.

1273d ago
Angeljuice1272d ago


He is expressing his experiences as somebody who is not a hardcore FPS gamer.

I don't think he marked it down "because he sucks at it", in fact how has it been marked down at all?

8/10 is is hardly controversially low, it denotes an excellent title that has some niggles or flaws (in the opinion of the reviewer).

I think you're all being a bit sensitive, its not a bad score at all from someone who openly proclaimed himself to be outside of the target audience demographic.

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Daz1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Racing lovers this game it not for you s/

d_g1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )


Mario lovers this game is just not for you s/

on topic

I think this Review is really odd since Halo is not Rpg game that changed to FPS game

ghostface91273d ago

I love racing the mongoose and warthog on this game so that statement is false lol

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