CG Interview: PlayStation Network's Susan Panico

Videogame company PR departments try to make stars out of executives and game developers, often with disastrous results. But the people behind some of the most exciting console developments are rarely interviewed, spoken about, or recognized. So it has been with Susan Panico, the senior director of the very hot, often innovative PlayStation Network. Crispy Gamer sat down with Panico to discuss the challenges she deals with daily, Fat Princess, downloadable movies and the currently not-ready-for-prime-time video magazine show, "Qore."

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Viktor E4347d ago

The Playstation Family is represented by the Cream of the Crop

Booourns4347d ago

Nice little article explaining the day to day operations of the PSN. Wish they were hiring because I think I would be qualified. 5 years of Hardware/Networking experience with my current company