The Xbox One Is In Second Place And I’m Okay With That.

If you happen to visit forums or social media discussions dedicated to console video games then you have probably seen one or two users proudly declare that the PS4 is leading in worldwide sales. If we are going to be honest then you have probably seen this announcement a lot.

You see, there is a hidden meta game buried deep within the past time of console video gaming. This game is so obscure that most people have no idea it is being played or that they themselves have a role in perpetuating it.

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TheGreatGamer1272d ago

Very good point, as someone who owns both consoles I couldn't care less which is 'winning' in sales, I enjoy and have fun on both consoles and my experience on XB1 isn't diminished whatsoever due to it not selling as well as the PS4. Only people who care about sales are Sony, Microsoft and fanboys

suckingeggs1272d ago

If the author is so Ok why the need to write about it?.. The sorry state of gaming journalism as it is now makes me so cynical I question everything...

Aloy-Boyfriend1272d ago

No one is telling you to anybody to care about this.

Just another unnecessary articles aimed at console offenders.

BiggerBoss1272d ago

People should just accept how this gen is gonna be: Ps4, Xb1, Wii U. Its nice to have the better selling console, but it really doesnt matter. The original Xbox only sold a fraction of the Ps2s numbers, but it still had a solid library of great exclusives. The Ps4 is definitely going to be the most appealing to third party publishers, but luckily for XB owners, the third parties arent gonna drop the Xbox like they did Nintendo.

_-EDMIX-_1272d ago

bruh...they dropped Nintendo like Wii U contracted some sort of electronic AIDS!

1272d ago
Perjoss1272d ago

I agree that sales shouldn't really affect how much you enjoy your console, but they are important to everyone, if a console falls behind in sales it risks having its lifespan cut short as the maker will want to go into the next gen earlier, effectively refucing the value of your purchase. We saw this with the original xbox which had a pretty short lifespan.

Magnes1272d ago

In the case of the Dreamcast lack of sales led to less games and eventual discontinue of the system. I am so far not worried that my xb1 will have a short life span but I have experienced both the Dreamcast and Original xbox events which makes me want to cheer all my consoles. I wanted more life out of my xbox and Dreamcast just like I want more life out of my xb1, Wii U. I don't want MS taking a cue from Nintendo just like I wouldn't want to lose ps4 life span if they were lagging in sales. The point I'm trying to make is that past events make gamer's who love their systems paranoid and for good reason.

elarcadia1272d ago

This would be true, if the console were losing money; however in both the PS4 and X1's case, they are still both making a profit. Being #2 really doesn't matter, as long as you are still making a profit.

DragonDDark1272d ago

You're such a hypocrite.. earlier today you were reporting an article calling it lame because it says.. "Ps4 will still lead in the NPD.." or something between those lines.. Lol

OT: Well lots of Xbox fans aren't happy with #2 if you haven't noticed.

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THC CELL1272d ago

Oh how ms would of been if they was first. Like they was with 360 but worst I guess lol. Gaming fun ain't it

madmonkey011272d ago

they shut up about the 360 after it was sitting in last place last gen.

Why o why1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Many actually forgot the acknowledge the year, year + headstart. Could you imagine if that headstart was reversed this gen with sony so dominant already......

I'm glad some are just accepting being behind and the probability it will stay that way. They will still be enjoying all the x1 brings to the table. I laugh at all the turncoats though....those who relished npd's and celebrated ms's inflated lead due to repeat purchases and said headstart. Those types cries for morality get a deaf ear from me. Childish, maybe but whats good for the goose is good for the gander

FallenAngel19841272d ago

No Xbox console has ever globally come in first place, so this shouldn't be anything new.

madmonkey011272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

did the original xbox outsell the game cube and dream cast to take second that gen? or was it last then too. not that it matters really.

BiggerBoss1272d ago

The xbox sold more than the Gamecube, but not by much

Automatic791272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

If second place means having four more exclusives to play along with third parties games for 2015 I will take it. If being in second place means having a fantastic lineup for 2016. I will take it. If second place means having more then 150 indies titles by this winter alone then I will take it. If it means to have a NXOE and Backwards compatible I will take it. Last but not least if it means a better direction for MS in the future then hell yeah I will take it. So far a Fantastic start to this generation MS. Keep up the good work and just bring the games for the entire generation. When it is all said and done gamers remember the best games not sales.

SoulWarrior1272d ago

If the ring must go to Mordor... I will take it.

NewMonday1272d ago


nope, doesn't mean any of that sorry

2nd has less exclusives in 2015, FACT!
2nd has a smaller lineup for 2016, FACT!
2nd made MS change the direction of the gaming division from XBoxOne to XBL as a service.

freshslicepizza1272d ago


"2nd has less exclusives in 2015, FACT!"

here's a nice fact, you are willing to ignore what could be good games all because you want to choose a side.

"2nd has a smaller lineup for 2016, FACT!"

smaller than what, the ps4? he never said it had more exclusives so why are you so determined to let everyone know the ps4 has more exclusives? once again you will be missing out on what could be good and fun games all because you have positioned yourself to choose a side.

"2nd made MS change the direction of the gaming division from XBoxOne to XBL as a service."

no more than sony choosing psn and playstation now as a service. do we see less xbox support coming because they are encompassing the all in one direction with windows 10? no we are not. in fact we are seeing MORE xbox game support from microsoft, not less.

see folks, this is the major downside to the system wars. we have a few here who think it's actually more fun to choose a side than to be more open which leads to more enjoyment.

suckingeggs1272d ago

I'll play devil's advocate

If coming first means exclusives throughout the year I'll take it

If coming first means great diversity in games including jrpg's I'll take it

If coming first means multiplats play better I'll take it

If coming first means I can play others games without having the game (share play) I'll take it

If coming first means a great line up in 2016 including uncharted 4,street fighter, horizon, last guardian and more I'll take it

If coming first means more PlayStation experience events I'll take it.

If coming first means great Indie's like wild and no man's sky I'll take it

Keep up the good work Sony You notoriously start slow but always bring the games couple years in hence 2016 line up looking killer.. When Its all said and done gamers remember the games you brought for the ps2, ps3 and will for the ps4 and investors will remember the sales.

This is all just ridiculous.. Both are great consoles both will have a good generation this sales talk and the defending of each console is getting boring my honest advice prices are soo competitive try if finances allow get both..

Kingthrash3601272d ago

The wii was in first last generation....had none of what you are talking about. The truth is a system doesn't have to have first place to have all of what you said. Getting first just means more people have the console....but for actual 3rd party devs to want to put their games on the console they need more than 1st place. They want to sell their games to a certain audience. As we seen with the wii, it was a success in sales and a fail with games. Partly due to the controller, partly due to power, and partly due to the type of gamers playing the wii. What place doesn't matter...far more things factor in. The 360 was in 3rd place last generation and had the most indies and better quality games simply because of the ease it was to make the games and the type of gamers playing it. Sony came in second because of its name and the potential power of the cell..I honestly think the 360 would have came in second if they didn't stop making new ips for it the last 3years. They focused on the kinect trying to get some of that wii money and dropped the ball. While Sony continued to bring out new ips...different ip's for different types of gamers. And that's what a developer wants to see..1st, 2nd, or 3rd place I'm sales means nothing to what you are talking about.

Aloy-Boyfriend1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

The PS2 had all of that and it was 1st place.

madmonkey011272d ago

xbox one has less exclusives than the ps4 or wii u.

elarcadia1271d ago

You guys do relaize that in his ENTIRE statement @MichaelLito79 never once said that anything was "better than the PS4". All he is stating is that the Xbone has a lot of good thigns going on, and even more to come in the future. There is no denying that the PS4 is freaking great...but that doesn't mean that the Xbone can't be great as well. #2 doesn't necessarily mean a horrible system. At least this guys knows how to showcase what a system has without talking crap about another...unlike the rest of you commenters.

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Fro_xoxo1272d ago

It's all about the games.

fortunately for me, I could buy as many consoles as I want :)

I'll have access to it all..

Third-Party exclusives won't affect me. For example, I'll be able to play Tomb-Raider next month. No mans sky, and Hellblade whenever they release.

Access to the 'mediocre' titles, the 'niche', the 'interactive QTE movies', the 'dudebro'shooters the qwerky anime jrpgs with exaggerated features. . I could go on ^_^.

Why would it matter to me who's selling more? It could never affect me lol
argue away..

Ricegum1272d ago ShowReplies(1)
Fro_xoxo1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I didn't mean to create that impression.

I'm not a fanboy. I love games.

It is natural not to like everything I've got to say. That doesn't make me a 'fanboy'.

A man shouldn't take this 'artificial war' so seriously.

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