Steam Sets New Record for Concurrent Users – Over 11 Million Steam Users Online Simultaneously

Yesterday, Steam set a new record for concurrent users as more than 11 million users were online simultaneously. To be more precise, there were 11,625,415 Steam users online yesterday.

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hiredhelp1274d ago

I knew it Steam been disconnecting recently hopfully they add more servers wow steambase growing more more pc gamers.

madmonkey011274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

a lot of those will be just logged into the steam interface, having it set to auto start with the operating system. Steam as a platform really kept pc gaming alive

hiredhelp1273d ago

If thats the case it still mean thoes extra million need to download the program you telling me extra millions just downloaded it just sit in launcher startup tray.

traumadisaster1273d ago

A few years ago, I remember when the 5m mark was crossed..I'd say there is growth my friend.

Lord_Ranos1274d ago

Glory to PC gaming and may it keep on growing.

DxTrixterz1273d ago

And there wasn't any major sales going on.

Null1273d ago

This isn't crazy considering that a large( or a large numbe) portion of that has steam installed and doesn't use it. I have steam installed on two computers and I don't use it. Starts up with my machine and sits in the tray. Give me numbers of people actually online and playing games/using the service.

IrishSt0ner1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Steam on startup is not the default setting. I have it on 2 PCs and it doesn't start automatically.

Top 100 games today had 3 million in-game, leaving out the less populous 4000 titles. People can be using steam to communitate with friends, forums, guides, workshop etc...

4 years ago Steam had set a concurrant active user record of 5 million, today it's 11.6million. I don't think the sitting inactive in tray argument holds much weight in the face of this exponential growth.

Nobody would argue about the validity of active XBL users when a large number are going to be using their TV pass-through, and have multiple accounts are signed in at once.

I'd like a more detailed breakdown of stats too, but at the end of the day active users is a good metric and consistently shows Steam as the largest gaming network by quite a large margin.

DarkResistance1273d ago

you are not going to convince anyone otherwise that people just download steam and leave it sitting in the corner. and if you yourself just downloaded steam and have it sitting in the corner. why did you bother downloading it? Why waste hard drive space on something you don''t use? i mean the app itself doesn't take up that much but you get the point.

Anyway. i shouldn't have bitten the bait. should of known better.....

Null1273d ago

Sick banter, guys. You guys can stay delusional but until they give me numbers of people actually using the service and it just not running on their system.. I don't care for these numbers.

IrishSt0ner1269d ago

Do you even know what delusional means? Point out a single literal delusion in anything I said, or even in anything the other guy said.

Null1268d ago

See you came back five days later to respond? Being delusional bro

someOnecalled1272d ago

They say this doesn't matter but use the surveys about hardware polls as fact. People that have steam keep it signed in manly on their rigs because of the seamless integration with the games. So like consoles, I can play when I want to. This is not anything new. The is always been sleep and awake feature, plus its a computer don't compare the two when it comes to functionality. I barely play game like before but I just have to click one button 3-4x a week and I'm there.

On my laptop I don't keep signed on unless I'm playing a game. I use it for browsing and coding. It funny I only get asked the hardware survey only on my laptop. I'm pretty sure its a percentage that's leave it on but its a big percentage that use it like it is. A rig is always give you the best functionality for whatever you want to do.
-browsing web( YouTube videos, social media, etc.)
-creative hobbies(mods, Photoshop, movie marker, CGI, creative writing, graphic design, etc.)
- the list goes on

Why would someone just play games on their rig. the people that mostly stay signed in is the ones that used their computers the most. Their would be no reason to close it on your main pc if you always use it. It makes everything seamless. You can play any game or do anything else instantly.

People forget why steam is so popular is the app itself. Integrated forums for every topic, store, game store pages, reviews, developers' pages, game message board, workshop page (free mods with some that completely make a new game), tags with links to similar games page, free weekend games, use trophy's/achievements to unlock game cards( card you get from games that unlock developer or vavle design theme or item that effects the users completely free, which COULD BE SOLD FOR MONEY), can share full games, could stream games, free voice and message chat, game invite supported games, driver check,...

I could go on forever. It's a small percentage that just keep it on and not use it which is dumb but the majority use steam so that doesn't dismiss the numbers. Same with my ps3 when it first came out it was always on. Only thing it was missing was a sleep and wake function.

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