Bionic Commando Rearmed Release/Pricing Confirmed

Gearoid Reidy of writes: "Finally! It gives us great pleasure to officially announce that Bionic Commando Rearmed will launch worldwide from next week. Here are those all-important dates and prices: "

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dachiefsman3724d ago

surprised figured this one would be 1200 ms points as well. MS really f'd up on that.

hazeblaze3724d ago

Cool, I'll pick up that and Pixel Junk Eden next week.

Bladestar3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I'm assuming that the game is cheaper on PSN... is it? I doubt you would be complaining if the game cost the same in both platform.. because uhhh.... the developer named the price...

by the way the game will cost 800 ms points...

dachiefsman3723d ago

i was actually comparing the price with Braid which is a cool game but should have been priced 800.

Dark_Vendetta3723d ago

first Ikaruga - 800 points
then geometry wars 2 - 800 points
next BRAID - 1200 points
now Bionic Commando Rearmed - 800 points
and after that castle crasher - 800 points

in total: 4400 points
This is getting expansive. I hope BCR and Castle crasher turn out to be at least as good as the other 3 games mentioned above

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Rama262853724d ago

PlayStation Network

Japan – August 13th (¥1,200)

North America – August 14 (US$9.99)

Europe – TBC

:::Thumbs down::: It's great living in Europe!!

Shane Kim3724d ago

Thats it, Im moving to Japan!

meepmoopmeep3724d ago

the cost of living in JPN is higher ;)

can't wait to get this game. i remember having this game for the NES.

fermcr3723d ago

@Rama26285 "Europe – TBC
:::Thumbs down::: It's great living in Europe!! "

Yep... Sony just "loves" Europe

fermcr3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Why the hell is the PC version more expensive? About 50% more expensive then the Xbox360 and PS3 version.

Xbox Live Arcade
800 Microsoft Points (about $9.99)

PlayStation Network


Topshelfcheese3723d ago

awesome, i still have my original NES cartridge of this game. Can't wait to play it again with the graphical overhaul. I hope you still get to shot robot hitler in the face with a rocket launcher :)

Jack Bauer3723d ago

i might get it at 800, MS seems to have been raising their prices on something that doesnt cost any gas to ship, shame on least this one isnt 1200 points.