Amazon customers seriously unimpressed with Wii Skylanders SuperChargers

GamesAsylum: "Amazon customer reviews of Skylanders SuperChargers on Wii – known as Skylanders SuperChargers Racing – have been spectacularly low so far. Currently it stands with a 2 star rating formed of 21 customer reviews. Last year’s Trap Team, in comparison, bares a much healthier 4 star rating"

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NonShinyGoose1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I'd argue that it's a bit of a grey area. Amazon published the wrong product description, but that could have been because Activision didn't release details of the Wii iteration until it launched. Those who pre-ordered wouldn't have known until they received the game.

The adverts/trailers also make it sound as if all the console versions are the same...and there are still no reviews of the Wii version available online. Activision obviously chose not to send them out as it's a stinker. And the Wii is almost dead.

But yeah, the 'Racing' part of the title should have been a clear giveaway for those who ordered it after the correct product information went up.

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GoPanthers9991275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

From what. have heard, the Wii U version graphics are lacking also. So, I expect the Wii version is likely terrible. As to it being a racing game, that has been widely advertised. Folks need to do rheir research.

rdgneoz31275d ago

Here's a quote from one question on the page:

"So on the big day of the release, many got the game but were surprised to see that although it's a nice Mario cart kind of racing game, the Wii version doesn't have any of the storyline, hand to hand fighting or puzzle chalanges we've come to enjoy from these games, and to add insult to injury, we paid the same price for this game as those who got the complete version. I contacted the GameStop where we got this, and even they didn't know there was a difference."

So the Gamestop people they talked to didn't know the difference, Amazon has nothing different in the description, and it's half the game as the other platforms at the same price.

GoPanthers9991274d ago

While I agree that retail sites are terrible on details, there are lots of other sites to get information, including the Skylanders website.