ZTGD Review: Soulcalibur IV

ZeroTolerance Writes:

"With the release of Soulcalibur IV one thing is apparent; my soul still burns for this long-running franchise. Since it's inception before the turn of the millennium the Soulcalibur series become one of the most prominent franchises in the genre. With its quirky cast of characters, smooth as butter fighting engine and copious amounts of content the series has become a staple in the genre. Soulcalibur IV continues this tradition by packing in all that we have come to love about the series while expanding on all of the ideas that make it great. The character customization has been vastly improved, the fighting has been tweaked to near perfection and the addition of online creates a virtual arcade that gives players the ability to hone their skills against a sea of competitors. Soulcalibur IV is the true definition of how to make a sequel worthy of its name."

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