No word on PS3 SOCOM for Europe

The European version of PS3 exclusive SOCOM: Confrontation is still lost in the bushes.

"We have yet to announce a release date and price for SOCOM in the UK," sergeant Sony told Eurogamer this afternoon.

That follows confirmation of an October 14th release in the US, and word there will be three ways to buy the war game.

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dro4358d ago

this better be a joke (-_-)

solidjun54358d ago

is a Joke. Let me run SCEE and I would do a much better job than what he does. I understand there are region that has to be taken into consideration but for 2 years, he hasn't made the necessary steps to bridge that and make it more streamlined like SCEA. I'm sorry my European bretherans (I can never spell this word), this is BS!!

DARKTRINITYxxx4358d ago

Not supprised tbh europe always gets slapped in the face when it comes to release dates, special editions and dlc.

name4358d ago

I'm from america and I'd love an SAS game. :( COD4 doesn't count.