Blizzard Looking for New Diablo III Art Director

About a week after Blizzard sat down to talk about Diablo III's art direction and tear apart some fan's concept art showing how it could be improved, Blizzard is listing a job opening for Diablo III Art Director.

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Charlie26884360d ago

I can guarantee you that after Blizzard saw the (surprisingly) big amount of people on the whole "change" thing and how vocal they have been with the "discontent" there is gonna be at least some revision in feature drastic changes but like I said I guarantee you some things will be changed cuz Blizzard wont take the risk in ignoring fans

Jinxstar4359d ago

damn mk you upset someone? You got less bub's bro =( have one on me =D

I'm back on PSN BTW so hit me up when you pick one up

MK_Red4359d ago

PS_Family, I hope they indeed listen.

Charlie2688, you're probably right. Afterall, you were the one that showed me how awesome D3 could have been :)

Thanks Jinxstar :)
One for you too. I'll be sure to pm you the moment I open my PSN account.

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Daxx4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

Too bad I'm only a college student at this time. In about 3 years I'll have my graphic design degree and my business degree but I think I have to be in the gaming industry for a certain number of years before I can work at Blizzard. Anyways, I have no qualms against the art direction.

Edit: Also, here's something for all the people that hate the art direction

Xi4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

You should understand the plight better then most. It's not a question of the colour pallet, but how it's used.

People are getting mixed up between the context of the word "darker", they don't mean it literaly, they mean it in a sense of emotion that the game should strive to provide.

This can be done in a bunch of ways:

1.they should up the saturation one colours that offer less calming aspects:
Red Orange Yellow - these colours are known to incite feelings of passion, anger, danger. Let these colours bleed more into the enviroment, and make them more vivd, less brown like.
Blues, greens, purples are considered more rich and calming colours, they need to be darker. (right now they're saturated)

2.The lighting needs to become more atmospheric:
Allow the lighting to bleed into the enviroment, flames should flicker, the darkness is more emphazised if contrasted by light
Darken the game's enviroment, but let the light provide more illumination
Position the lighting to place emphasis on more moody enviroment, let shadows from that might be look auspicious.

3. Use shapes that are more threating:
Look at the enviroment, it needs to bolstered by less round curves and have more edgy structures. Rocks need to be more jagged, trees less full figured

4.Enviromental effects need to be more ominous
Fog needs to be offset with more grey and black patches
rainbows are questionable?
lanscapes need to be more barren of life, change rabits to mice, green grass needs spots of dead patches.

and the list goes on....