Rumor Sony Surveying Interest For "Important Features" In Future Updates

Sony seems to be surveying interest for important features in future PS4 updates. Features mentioned include, custom backgrounds, folders, and PS1/PS2 classics.

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Alexious2064d ago

It's insane that for over two years custom backgrounds haven't been possible.

VER1ON2064d ago

Ye been using it for a while on my Xbox One. Would fit well on my PS4 as well.

Mr Pumblechook2064d ago

I'm a bit perplexed why they would be asking if gamers want to change their PSN ID. Sony know this feature is most in demand. Colin and Greg repeatedly ask Shuhei Yoshida about it. But PSN network is almost 10 years old. Either Sony can't technically do it or they can. If they can then they should immediately!

breakpad2064d ago

BC for PS1,2 the least they can do to for the old fans

freshslicepizza2064d ago

all of those features sound good, not sure what's the hold up and why they need to ask first. hire more people if that's what it takes.

Army_of_Darkness2064d ago

Custome backgrounds, mp3,mp4 and mkv support is all I freakin' need Sony! Not that useless media player app crap! Dammit.

BitbyDeath2064d ago

@army, that 'useless media player app' gives you MP3, MP4 and MKV support, among many others.

Major_Glitch2064d ago

Not that important, but I would love a better web-browser. Preferably one that can play flash videos.

Army_of_Darkness2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )


It gives MKV support?? strange how it doesn't detect my mkv or most even most of my mp4 movie files?? and when it does, it lags and stutters like crazy and my internet speed is @25mbps...
I just want Sony to enable direct file saves on the HDD(like the ps3) so I don't have to deal with the crappy streaming.

so much disagrees?? am I the only one having this problem or something?! LOL!

MicrosoftMackin2064d ago

@army if u don't want stuttering then your only option is a portable hdd or flash drive no issues if you go that route.

Crimzon2064d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

Sony should allow us to change our PSN IDs yeah, and there really is no excuse for not allowing us. If their systems are so poorly cobbled together that changing IDs would not work, then they should make PSN IDs the account name so to speak, and allow PS4 users to set their public username to whatever they want. This is how Steam handles things, where your account username is set and can never be changed, but nobody ever sees it because your public username is what you go by and you can change it however many times you like, whenever you like.

It's also inexcusable that Sony does not allow people to change the region of their PSN accounts either. I've had a few people on my friend list get screwed over when moving abroad and being told by Sony that they'll need to make a new PSN account to buy anything in their new region.

Also, would it really hurt Sony to allow us to delete trophies? Only allowing it for games at 0% is pointless, since most games give a trophy the second that you start to play the game. They should allow us to delete trophies no matter what percentage they're at, even if we have the platinum. They could simply add a little screen asking for the password of the account to confirm trophy deletion, so people with access to your PS4 can't do it without you knowing, since they'd be halted by the security check.

It bugs me having a bunch of games on my trophy list that I didn't like.

fr0sty2064d ago

For those asking why they are asking the obvious questions, they have a limited time to code and test each new feature, so they can only do a few at a time. They are surveying people to find out which ones are in the most demand so they can prioritize them.

Up until now, they've focused their attention on PSN and making it the best online community that they can, as well as trying to differentiate it from Xbox Live with unique features. Now it appears they may be ready to turn their attention to some of the other features that have been requested for so long.

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BartMoons2064d ago

You would think that implementing this won't be too hard? Then again, picking custom backgrounds over PS1/PS2 classics is a shame. Hell, I just pick them all!

PreAtaric2064d ago

It would be nice, but is it "important"? I would say no, even though I used custom backgrounds on PS3. Having folders would be more important, and I don't even care about those.

the_dark_one2064d ago

why its a must really? is your id going to change how you play? of is it when you create your account you tried to have a "funny" name and now you regret it? i really dont understand the need to change it.

AliTheSnake12064d ago

@the_dark_one It is a must because it is your username. It is how you represent yourself. I created my username when I was 13, back then I didn't even know what a username is, I thought it was just an account name to login, not a display name. Now I am 21.

By your logic, why have any features, why have themes and folder, nothing will change the way i play

Duoma2064d ago

Seriously it should be. either sony hates money or the person in charge of making decisions is just plain stubborn and stupid. Im guessing its both.

And don't give me that shit that "its hard to do". its a feature their competitor has had since its online iteration. I'm willing to bet tons of people would fork over 10-25$ to change their id.

And to people like "the_dark_one" im sick of people like you acting like choice is a bad thing or what you want/like is the end all be all. More choice is better. Not everyone is trying to change their name cus they made a dumb decision or were trying to be "funny". life changes and people do too. Maybe people would like their names to reflect that. By your logic you probably expect people who get a divorce to continue using the same last name or those who change gaming clans or groups to keep the same name too.

On a side note, backgrounds and being able to buy avatars or hell, even use the avatars alot of us have bought since ps3 is long overdue. Another one is 3rd party bluetooth support which i guarantee they have been dragging their feet on to money grab on the fact that basically only official sony headsets will work with bluetooth. Yeah I get we can use a wired headset with the controller but not everyone wants to be tethered to a controller.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2064d ago

Same, I've had the same nametag for 7 years on psn and I'm ready to make a change but it won't give the possibility I have every effing where.

At least have a the possibility to transfer your trophies, purchases and friends onto a new account but leave your saved games to your old account, not the best solution but I'd be okay with it.

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LA_Zeo2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

Whoever got this survey better had checked every damn thing that the survey asked. Why all of a sudden SCE care about what we been asking for since at least the beginning of 2015? Shout, there still the #1 console regardless, But come on, why wouldn't PS4 have damn near ALL of the features that this survey asked in the first place? And, I wouldn't bet my check we would see everything in 1 update.

Edit: and I didn't see nothing about being able to listen to music through your IPhone our w/e

UKmilitia2064d ago

complete bull article surely???
they have ignored things poeple wanted from day one and just released loads of streaming crap and stickers.

infact i dont think they have done anything people have been asking for??(except the things people was asking for that sony had announced at the reveal)

TitanUp2064d ago

I really enjoy my ps4 but a lot of these features should have been day 1.

Spenok2064d ago

If I'm not mistaken, the reason they haven't added them yet is because they're trying to keep anything user created off the system so as to avoid allowing there to be anything that could potentially open the system to hacking.

blackblades2064d ago

The thing with that is it's not important as playing video games.

DOMination-2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

Compatible with xbox one games so i can play Halo pls/s

solid_snake36562064d ago

And friends sign in notification and disc auto start.

Jmanzare2064d ago

They would rather charge you for themes

Christopher2064d ago

In general as to the "why" of this survey: you'd be amazed how few gamers out there actually read gaming sites let alone talk about things they'd want to see implemented in future PS4 updates. So, e-mailing PSN users with surveys does open the door a lot more to hearing from more gamers than just people on gaming sites or people who actively vote on the PS Blog stuff.

_-EDMIX-_2064d ago

Not really. You know a OS that had 100% features of its last OS?

There is a reason why XONE and PS4 don't have 100% features from their last consoles day 1, as those features didn't even come day 1 LAST GEN!

X86 is not Cell.

nitus102064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

I won't deny a custom background is nice however how long do you actually look at this before doing something else?

Personally I would prefer PS1 and PS2 (most preferred) backwards comparability. Folders and the ability to delete items from your library is also a very nice feature since it is great for house keeping.

ion6662063d ago

They know what they have to do. It's all over blogs, Sony just has to read it there no need for a survey.from my understanding everyone wants folders, a real media app not that usb crap. And video chat plus a change username, and custom themes. Look Sony I did your job for you.

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Frisky2064d ago

I don't understand why Sony is not allowing players to create/design their own custom backgrounds. Whats more, most of the lot available for purchase sucks. Either allow users to add their own backgrounds, or improve the quality of the ones already available for sale

UltraNova2063d ago

That indeed..

Fortunately voice commands work well and I don't have to go through all my library every-time.

The93Sting2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

we want to Change PSN ID!

and also notifications when friends go online, it was on PS3 why not on PS4 though?

Duoma2064d ago

whats sad is ALOT of things that were ps3-psn standard are mysteriously missing from ps4-psn

Crashbandicoot772064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

The PS3 features are still better! Folders, MP3 playplack and music CDs,friends notification it's kinda weird to know the PS3 still has more features after the PS4 been out for 2 years.

Famous2064d ago

I want folders so bad.

StormLegend2064d ago

Also a better Text Chat

You can't even see the words on PS4 unless you stay in the chat.

Example: Playing a game and a friend says "Hi" You won't even know a friend said that until you go back into the Text chat.

Crashbandicoot772064d ago

You would think that should be easy to add by now

_-EDMIX-_2064d ago

not really bud.

Its it not "kinda weird" Windows 7 works better for my set up then Windows 10?

To those that have no clue about programming likely, those that do understand it....nope.

x86 is not the cell. There is a reason why I have several games crash on Win 10, that don't on Win 7. Stability and features are not day 1 things, they are added over time and take a long time to be stable.

Win 10 will be where Win 7 is in a couple years, but it will take a lot of time, but that is the way its been for every windowws OS.

The same applies for consoles as they are still custom PC's, they have OS's still. Its not a simple copy and paste as one of the best companies in the WORLD at doing it, has NEVER done it, even once.

I have several programs that don't work correctly or at all on Win 10, that work flawlessly on Win 7, I even have a HDD with Win XP as Fallout 3 which I'm playing on PC, doesn't work well with Win 7 if at all.

The past systems will always have MORE features by default within 2 years or so in, as PS3 and 360 had 7 and 8 years to collect and get those features working right.

Don't you think its also strange XONE is also lacking 360 features?

This is not some "weird" isolated thing, this common with new OS and hardware. The updates and features you get for PS4 are not for some copy and paste job for Sony. They are updates and features for PS4.

When PS5 comes out, a new CPU type, more ram, new OS etc will still need to have updates and features added over time to work properally with a new set up. We've never just got a copy and paste OS with 100% 1.1 features working day 1. Its never happened and it seems many who are not aware of the nature of this on PC, are also the ones scratching their heads on this concept.

You think PC gamers are shocked at this? I mean...have they not upgraded a new OS to find that some features don't work or are not added? I find that hard to believe if so, I've been gaming on PC for over 20 years (damn I feel old now) and its always been the case.

I have Win 10, I also still have Win 7 on one of my hdds lol, why? Well this isn't my first rodeo so to speak.