Top 5 Buy to play MMOs 2015

The time for monthly subscriptions is coming to an end. It’s still out there, but every major MMO title is reverting back to the old days of Buy to Play (B2P). The only twist is that there are in-game goodies which either enhance your looks or give you a small boost in XP/farming currency versus some real life money (F2P model).

Either way, you can gain full access to all of the content of the MMOs listed below by just purchasing them for a one-time fee. And what’s great is that their prices have dropped significantly over the last few weeks, making them a great bargain for any fan of the genre.

If you love playing alongside an endless supply of players in a world where your character lives permanently, give the following top 5 MMOs of 2015 a try. Warning: They are addictive. Each and every one of them. You’re warned!

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Eterna1Ice1181d ago

By the way, GW2 also has a Play for Free mode with limitations, so, if you want to try it out, that's your chance! I did this yesterday and, what to say, it's been a while since the last time i enjoyed an MMORPG so much.

Spotie1181d ago

Have a Helpful bubble.

Warshade1181d ago

My list would look a bit different but that boils down to taste.

1. Wildstar
2. The Secret World
3. Guild Wars 2
4. Trove
5. Rift

s45gr321180d ago

The Crew is a mmo? LoL