Market research could have improved PS3's image

Sony's television and digital camera lines garner much consumer approval. This is helped in part by the creation of focus groups and people who actually listen to customer feedback. For example, when developing the Mylo device (a handheld WiFi device that allows chat-functions, Internet connectivity, music and a full QWERTY keyboard) they sent 850 of the devices out to determine the who, what, where, when, why and how the product would be used and made changes around the feedback gained; as such, the Mylo is poised to be another well-received Sony product.

The PS3 is a device that appears to have been developed in a vacuum; one where only the engineers built what they thought was the ultimate console. This is shown by the general user unfriendly environment the PS3 has built; symptoms of which are seen in major media publications. While most of the problems can easily be fixed with firmware upgrades over time, there are still aspects that cannot be fixed -- such as the lack of a scaler chip to allow for a simple one-and-done resolution setting when using various features -- without angering earlier adopters or alienating customers with confusing redesigns so early in the life-cycle. How different would the PS3 be today if the PlayStation Division took the same consumer research approach the Electronics Division does?

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Monchichi0255263d ago

More proof that Sony's PS3 is a joke. Once it ships in Europe these idiot European PS3 fans will finally realize the truth.

scriptkiddie5263d ago

Sony knows their fanboys will love and defend anything sony tells them. This allows them to focus on blu-ray and not games. Now the fanboys always talk about watching movies on their console never talk about the great games.

But it does have potential to play games.

Jrocks_4_ever5263d ago

I like the games that are available for the ps3 and I am patiently waiting for the great games in the near future. Movies are definately not the reason why I bought the ps3. The great games will come and you know as well as I know, that when those great games become available, you will hear more than you imagine to hear about those games. But until then you should be understanding about why the fanboys are not bousting about great games, just yet.....

Just my opinion.....

Scrumptious5263d ago

...worth $600 could have improved PS3's image.

Marriot VP5263d ago

how about no screwing gamers with a BR player and jacking the price up as a result, that would improve their image and you wouldn't even have to invest any money into marketing.

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