European Outlet Already Accepting Pre-Orders for PlayStation VR Headset for €500

Those pesky Italians, you just can’t trust em’ can you? PlayStation VR is currently without a release date, so naturally nobody is taking pre-orders for the wearable tech. Except one Italian outlet already is, or at least seems to be gauging interest in the pricey peripheral.

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GribbleGrunger1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Before anyone starts talking about the price, bare in mind that this is a place-holder price and not the price Sony have decided upon. However, I do think that pre-orders of this kind are to gauge how well a product will do at a certain price.

suckingeggs1279d ago


To me that's still a big HELL NAW

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freshslicepizza1278d ago

no matter how hard you try and soften the blow that is still very expensive. i still think it should come out for $299 if it has any chance to become somewhat mainstream enough to get decent support.

PreAtaric1278d ago

Soften the blow of a placeholder price?

morganfell1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Let it go gribble. This is one retailer trying to get a jump on everyone. It is a placeholder price, not determined by Sony but there are still people here that act as if this is the official Sony word and that's the end of it. Some retailer wants to get orders out first, and as the article states, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY NOW AND WHEN THE OFFICIAL PRICE COMES OUT AND IS CHEAPER YOU GET THAT DEAL.

Just bookmark this thread and come back to it later when the price is announced and you can have some fun with those that deserve it.

GribbleGrunger1278d ago

If you've noticed I haven't made another comment until now. I guess people just like drama and others take every opportunity to knock the console they don't own.

MasterCornholio1278d ago

I remember there was a retailer who had 700$ as the preorder price for the PS4.

Guess what happened?

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Thatguy-3101279d ago

Wow that's steep. Hopefully that's just a place holder price which it is since nothing official has came out. We should know by next week. Have a feeling they'll reveal it during the PGW conference.

PaleMoonDeath1279d ago

Not really the price I'd go for, I'd need to wait a bit before throwing something like that around.

Aenea1279d ago

No, 500...

They usually do $ -> € without changing the number (console was $400 -> €400, now $350 -> €350), or if they do, it's higher in euros (games are $60 -> €70 for example)

Still, I'm not going to pay €500 for PS VR, that's more than the price of the PS4 itself, no way. Don't think it will be that high tho...

Aenea1278d ago

It's funny that people can disagree about facts, if it's gonna cost €500 in Europe it will cost $500 in the US, US->EU pricing has always been like that 'cos of VAT and other taxes...

ChrisW1277d ago

Okaaaaaaay... Though I haven't voted Agree or Disagree yet, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most people's eyes glazed over from all that INT-ECON101 jargon; thus the Disagrees.

Aenea1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

What jargon? the different currencies? or the -> ??

Fact remains that if something costs 400 in the US it costs 400 where I live while they only change the currency sign...

@ChrisW below:
Nope, theFro is an Xbox One fan hence why I make my jokey comment that MS does not even have a VR unit. And yes, Occulus supposedly works with X1 but still needs a PC for it to work and only allows to stream to the Occulus and not actually use it as a VR device. Though of course this could change in the future...

Fro_xoxo1279d ago

good luck with that price lol.

Aenea1279d ago

How much does MS VR cost again? Oh wait....

Fro_xoxo1279d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

What does MS have to with anything in this article?

Thatguy-3101278d ago

If you want a cheap VR headset you'' get a cheap experience. Let's first wait for the official price before judging.

ChrisW1277d ago

MS's VR??? Oh wait... You mean Oculus?

Just Google the price. It'll be written in bold letters at the top of your web page.

TwoForce1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

The VR and AR are both new tech, but they are different. The only reason why people still skeptical about VR and AR is the price. We don't know the price just yet. I know the new tech are very expensive, that cause people don't like the price.They want reasonable price. Even if the price is place holder or not, i still find it very expensive. I know this doesn't involve with AR, but it's still new tech just like VR. Back when VR and AR was announced, a lot of people have a mix feelings and i was very curious about it. My father told me that new technology will take time even they are ready or not. They still need more resources and more marketing strategy.

MRMagoo1231278d ago

Lucky it's a placeholder then. Why are you in here any way, shouldn't you be defending xbone somewhere like the other xbone avengers ?

PreAtaric1278d ago

It's a two front war for them.

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