Warner Music wants you to pay more for DLC

Destructoid writes: "Today, Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman spoke to Reuters about the impact of Guitar Hero and Rock Band have on consumers today. In addition to drawing the comparison between the iPod and the invention of MTV, he also stated that developers of music-based are going to have to pay more for the songs that they use.

'The amount being paid to the music industry, even though their games are entirely dependent on the content we own and control, is far too small.'

It must really suck to be an executive in the music industry, making money hand over fist with expensive DRM-ridden tracks and overpriced CDs. It must really be terrible to know that your product still inspires people to create, think, and do things differently. It has to be really hard to wake up every morning and realize that people are using your product in a different way through wildly popular rhythm games. Here's the point though, Mr. Bronfman. By pushing up the price, you hurt my wallet. I wouldn't buy the Jimmy Buffet Rock Band DLC if it was any more expensive than it already is. Keep that in mind."

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dachiefsman3725d ago

well you tell warner to: F*** OFF!

Cintai3725d ago

that the companies who overcharged prices of CDs caused the problem with piracy to begin with, are now looking to attack an area that their product (songs) cannot be pirated at all.

Its not as if you can take your downloaded song with you on your Ipod or portable music device!

Right now these companies and artists are making money on the DLC from both the PS3 and Xbox360 and if they decide to overinflate the price well they will notice the fact that people will be more picky about what they download.

More $ to download = less downloads happening = Loss of revenue.

Siesser3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

i agree. most of the songs that I've downloaded from the Rock Band store are tracks that I ALREADY have a legally owned copy of (yes, I do buy my music). They basically got to sell me the same song twice, and while I'm sure most of the money goes to the developer, they're the ones that pay whatever the I'm sure is already outrageous licensing fee is. No one's buying these songs and playing them in the background as music (are you?).

If ANYTHING, this game's great advertisement for artists. All the classic rock before my time that I'd never have listened to before I now appreciate and have purchased. And i'm as far from a metal-listener as they come, but was still impressed by a few songs and bought them. I've got music from Tribe, megadeth, Boston, Avenged Sevenfold, The Slip, and many more who never would have seen a shiny digital penny from me were it not for these games. Thanks, rather than complaints, are in order, i think.