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One of the more surprising characteristics that I instantly admired about Corpse Party Blood Drive are the parts where it faithfully recreates the experiences of some of the more popular survival horror games from the late 90’s era on PlayStation One and PS2. More specifically, the game captures the spirit of early survival horror games that emphasized exploration over combat, survivability with very limited resources available, light puzzle solving, and stealth game play elements, all while being confined to dark oppressive environments with haunting sounds and atmosphere, not unlike the early Silent Hill and Resident Evil game series. While the exploration parts resembling the survival horror games from the past adds to the nostalgia factor, it does also make it feel somewhat dated, although it does have a unique charm of its own, offering a bit of modernization by front loading each exploration section with visual novel storytelling that provides tons of expository dialog and character interactions presented in a cutesy Chibi anime style, which unfortunately sometimes feels at odds with the games overall heavy dark tone.

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