Batman: Arkham Knight PC Release Date Announced

Batman Arkham Knight on PC has finally received a release date of October 28th.

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Spectre_StatusN71275d ago

PC gamers should get a discount.

Kalebninja1275d ago

We always get discount. The premium edition of the game was $35 on cdkey sites before it's original release. Right now the game by itself is $13 on G2A.

Razputin1275d ago

Exactly lol. I bought months before release for $34, and didn't have much issues with the game at all in the beginning.

Now its butter smoothe, but no DLC at all.

Vegamyster1275d ago

I got the standard edition for $20 around launch, glad i didn't go for the premium, DLC was shallow.

starchild1275d ago

I never played the original PC release and just ended up renting it for my PS4 instead, but I didn't come close to finishing it. I heard somewhat conflicting reports about the PC version-- a lot of people said it didn't run well but there were more than a few that said it ran just fine for them. Given that I really enjoyed what I played of the game I think I'll get it on PC pretty soon.

Vegamyster1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

It runs better now, i was getting random stutters while gliding & while driving the Batmobile, these are gone but performance could be a bit better. If you have a good PC you should be alright.

starchild1275d ago

Thanks. I do have a decent PC with a gtx 970, as well as a gsync monitor, so I think it should run ok. Let's hope they've really improved performance, though, for the re-release.

Bolts1275d ago

Darksouls 3 is only $35. That's right. $35.

I hate preordering but I had no choice.

solar1275d ago

Let's celebrate by not buy it and supporting this shit behavior

FITgamer1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I got the game and season pass for just under $20. So i can't complain.

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crazychris41241275d ago

They are out of their minds if they charge more than $40

Kalebninja1275d ago

How is that? They havent removed any content and they are releasing the same game released on other platforms for $60. They gave those who bought the pc release a refund, they dont owe any of us anything.

crazychris41241275d ago

They knowingly released a broken game and only took it off the Steam store because they were losing a ton of money thanks to Steam refunds. Gamers that didnt get refunds were given nothing in compensation like free dlc or games so why would we reward them with the full amount for clearly not giving a crap about their customers??

Kalebninja1275d ago

If you dont want the game at full price then wait for it to go down or buy it off a cdkey site, they have no obligation and its selfish to think they do. They are a business, they arent going to chop off $20 right off the bat because you feel that way. feeling they should lose a third of the profit from the pc release as compensation is insane.

crazychris41241275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Its about public relations too. If they charge full price the community will be in uproar again. They need to win back customers so they will go out and buy DLC and future titles. They wont do that if WB charges full price and acts like nothing happened.

Vegamyster1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

They put out a broken product, if it wasn't for Steam refunds which came out shortly before the game i bet it would have been still broken. The game is now 5 months old, why should it be full price given the entire situation?

slate911275d ago

Sucks they released a broken game, good for them for coming out with a release date thats not far off though.

USMC_POLICE1275d ago

I feel like the ship has sailed I would of gotten it on PC but went ps4 instead due to the issues on PC, I'm sure many PC gamers also did this.

Gwiz1275d ago

The game is a hit and miss performance-wise.i tried all the tweaks and settings and the game never stops frame dropping.I don't even care anymore i will just check the updates,if it still doesn't fix it then arrivideci Batman series.I received MGS TPP as a care-package so it's not that important to me.

WB did some shady stuff with Origins and this though,do not forget.

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