GamePro: Saints Row 2: Hands-on

Now don't get your panties in a bunch, all you GTA fans. GamePro is not saying that Saints Row 2 is the better game; that will have to wait until the review. All they're saying is that what they recently saw and played of Saints Row 2 definitely opened their eyes to what could be a more fulfilling experience. There appears to be more content, more mission variety, and more of that sandbox-style gameplay action gamers crave.

The game demo started off with the Volition team pointing out that "this is the first time we've shown Saint's Row 2 on the PS3," just to prove that the game is actually running equally as good as the Xbox 360 version. GamePro was apathetic, especially since Saints Row 1 was initially scheduled to release on the PS3, but was ultimately canceled. As for Saints Row 2 on the PS3, the game is coming along nicely, with only minor framerate hiccups which I'm sure will be ironed out before release, and features Sixaxis motion controls on all vehicles for the gimmicky gamer.

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