PS4 Sales Overtake 1,900,000 Units in Japan; Xbox One “Greatest Hits” Don’t Make the Top 50

The latest media create charts, combined with historical data reveal that the PS4 has reached a new sales milestone in Japan, overtaking 1,900,000 units sold, while the top 50 released today, revealed that the Xbox One "greatest hits" games did not make a dent.

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Nyxus2708d ago

Good to see the PS4 selling well over there. Too bad about the Xbox One, but yeah, with so few units sold in Japan it's no surprise those games aren't higher in the charts.

DarkOcelet2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Wasnt it 1.8 million a week ago or something? Its really selling fast.

I am expecting over 4 million PS4 sold when FFXV land. Sony needs to make a sexy FFXV PS4 bundle just like the MGSV one.

Nyxus2708d ago

Hopefully. Has FFXV been confirmed for 2016?

Abriael2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

@Nyxus: it has. Probably gonna be fall (they didn't say "fall," but they hinted very heavily that the release date announcement is gonna come in March, and I doubt there's gonna be less than 6 months before then and release.)

freshslicepizza2707d ago

the ps3 sold 2 million in a shorter span but i do hope the ps4 can revitalize the japanese market, same with the nintendo nx, and get them ack into gaming on consoles and hopefully the pc more than just handhelds.

Game4Next2707d ago

2.1 million PS4 to go. Hopefully 2017 Japanese AAA makes a comeback! :D

TheUndertaker852707d ago

@MoldyBread: The PS4 has been outselling the 3DS in Japan continuously. Japan clearly wants a home console and has a place for one. It however is not the Xbox One. Hell. There's still room for WiiUs which don't even meet Vita numbers in Japan but at least moves enough to keep a spot.

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Nyxus2707d ago

Got it, thanks!

And thanks to Abriael as well!

CartBlanche2707d ago

Microsoft need to ask themselves, if they actually care, why Sony, a Japanese company, can make a console that appeals to both a Japanese and non Japanese gamers (including Europe), while Microsoft makes a console that mostly appeals US and UK gamers and not many places else on this planet.

If they can answer that question, then their Xbox fortunes will turn around.

My personal opinion is that they still don't understand gamers and the appeal of games and the variety of games required to appeal to a wider audience. For them, due to the Xbox 360 success, their biggest push has mainly been dude bro games and that is their core audience. The fact is dude bro games are just a small part of the gaming eco-system. Convince gamers you offer more and they will flock!

343_Guilty_Spark2707d ago

American's aren't typically biased toward their own brands. We will buy products from any country.

TheUndertaker852707d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark: Some do. The existence of this label however shows the "'Murican" mentality.

Arizona Tea is not the only product to do this.

CartBlanche2707d ago

@343 What a racist statement!
I think the US car industry would like to show you how biased you really are -
When other international brands are clearly better made and more reliable.

Gamers tend to buy a console if that device has the type of games they want to play and it is the best experience on that console.

Ravenor2707d ago

"dude bro" games?

Oh you mean people without neckbeards? Gotcha!

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2707d ago
XanderZane2707d ago

True. I'm not surprised at all. XB1 is pretty dead in Japan. Not sure why they are even talking about the XB1 instead of the Wii U which is the system that would compete more with the PS4 in Japan. How well did the Wii U and 3DS games rank compared to the PS4? That would be more relevant. Typical of DS with their click-bait articles.

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AizenSosuke2708d ago

Wow PS4 almost hitting 2 million in Japan good job Sony!

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DragonDDark2708d ago

Damn Son. This is incredible.

KwietStorm_BLM2708d ago

It's crazy how much the Japanese market has changed. PS4 is the it product everywhere, but it's just reaching 2 mil in Japan of all places, after 2 years.

tanukisuit2708d ago

I can't even imagine what it will be like when Persona 5 and DQ XI drops!

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