'Dark Knight' reigns not in video game

It's a puzzle worthy of The Riddler: Why is there no video game based on "The Dark Knight"?
For the first time in the film-franchise's history, the caped crusader flew into movie theaters without a video game attached to his utility belt. Despite a plethora of "Dark Knight" action figures, bobbleheads and T-shirts sweeping in Bat-dollars beyond the film's $400 million record-smashing box office, no "Dark Knight" game is following suit.

Whatever held things up caused about $100 million in sales to be missed, according to estimates.
It's not as if an interactive "Dark Knight" wasn't gearing up before the film's release. Game publisher Electronic Arts had the rights to make a "Dark Knight" title, which EA-owned developer Pandemic Studios was working on, according to an EA manager who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the matter is proprietary.

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