Rumored PlayStation Store New Content (US) for August 7, 2008

In their regular weekly feature, PlayStation LifeStyle takes a look at what we should be getting this week:
- 1942: Joint Strike demo [FREE]
- Battlefield: Bad Company DLC ~ Conquest mode [FREE]
- Civilization Revolution DLC* ~ The Mythic Wonders and Artifact Pack
- Guitar Hero III DLC ~ Interscope Track Pack [$6.49 USD]
- NASCAR 09 DLC* ~ Paint schemes and track updates
- Qore Episode 003
- PixelJunk Eden [$9.99 USD]
- Rock Band DLC: Cruefest Track Pack 02 & SOAD Singles
- Talkman Travel (PSP) [$5.99 USD per city, 3 cities total]
- Tiger Woods 09 demo*

Additional Content:
- Game Video, Making of Bionic Commando: Rearmed (Part 2)*

NOTE: This list is not all-inclusive (videos, wallpapers, etc.) and content is always subject to change.

*Items marked with an asterisk denote rumored content, while the other content is confirmed.


PixelJunk Eden (obviously) came out last week (it's awesome!). This was a mistype on my N4G submission and wasn't in the full PlayStation LifeStyle article. Sorry for any confusion!

UPDATE 2 - Home theme + Home Beta lottery!
Source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2008/08/07/want-into-the-playstation-home-closed-beta-test-heres-how-to-apply/

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StalkingSilence5532d ago

Site was dead on last week with this particular feature. These are generally very accurate. The site isn't banned - the authors make no money from ads and these posts are approved weekly.
You may not like the site, but this specific weekly feature is generally one of the best sneak peaks you can find before the official release in 7+ hours.

beast5532d ago (Edited 5532d ago )

1) False FFVII info
2) Major exclusive announcement of Hardware 2 and Pics on Aug 3rd. Then retraction AFTER the hits. Doesnt matter if they are ads or not. Its the HITS and having your name known. There is NOTHING NEW in this rumor. I can get you other sites with Similar RUMORS. The update will be up in few hours. Wait for the FACT.


Even after stating "New direction" in there site he still came here and asked for a poll to place the pics or not

" Anyone else still want to see the Hardware 2 screens?

Agree if you want to see the screens, Disagree if you want me to just shut up and retire already... lol " (agree 109- disagree 6)

His comment 1.3 : http://www.n4g.com/NewsCom-...

Hence completely knowing he wont post or have the pics he still toyed with the user. Take away my bubbles but THIS IS FACT

HighDefinition5532d ago

Has been great. They bring more factual info than say ......Kotaku.

Yes they held some thing back, but you/we don`t know the reasons.

MikeGdaGod5532d ago

i doubt they're just going after hits with these stories since all of the info is on this page. you don't have to go to the source. it's right here.

my two cents......

UGA_15532d ago

If I had a gaming site I would also try to increase my returning visitor base before monetizing the site or asking for donations to help support "hosting costs"

With that being said who cares if the site has ads on it currently, that could easily change or the site could be bought out and monetized later.

The fact of the matter is that there was suppose to be a BIG reveal on the 3rd of August and that did not happen, so at this point...

...why should I waste my time visiting that site?

Sev5532d ago

Thats fine, don't visit the site.

You have no idea what our site features anyway.

We never once have asked for "Dontations" for hosting costs or anything like that.

Recently we made a post, about PS3Attitude who was looking for donations, to support his "DONTATION" to charity. The admin there was jumping out of a plane, and asking for sponsors (much like a walk for hunger, etc) so he can donate it to charity.

God forbid we support something noble and respectful.

Panipal20055531d ago (Edited 5531d ago )

@ Sev

When will you learn to not keep coming here trying to justify your douchebaggery and whining over being slammed and flamed? Because you think you have some unique right to act like a d**k and not get called on it? Get back to your own worthless site, where you can CONTROL things like that...by banning people and deleting comments like a thin-skinned little b**** because you think only sycophants count. I've also seen you running round here there and everywhere, spouting this sort of guff, trying to justify yourself, which you wouldn't feel the need to do if you didn't have an uneasy conscience over d***ing people around. Am I right?

I'm sure you'd like to starting doing this pathetic justifying behaviour @ NeoGaf too, one more outlet for your ugly whining...thankfully, I doubt NeoGaf'll so much as give you an account if you tried applying, but then you wouldn't, would you? You wouldn't exactly want to be treated yourself the way you treat others, being the cowardly soul that you are. Banning people. Deleting their comments. That's what happens to OTHER people! Right?

You're a c***roach, if you don't like being stepped on, GTFO

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Rama262855532d ago

Do we have to have these 'rumoured' store content stories every week? Why don't we just wait a few hours and post the ACTUAL store content??

I could understand these stories if it was a few days before, but hours before the actual update?

StalkingSilence5532d ago

last week I got it up 2 days ahead of time. i'm trying guys, it's just hard to collect all the info and manage it here. if you want to see what's going on for the rest of august, just check my full thread: http://boardsus.playstation...

- Next week = Bionic Commando ReArmed, Blu-ray PS3 theme, possibly PS1 classic of Driver, possibly Life with PlayStation - if not this week then next
- August 21 = Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty, possibly Linger in Shadows
- August 28 = The Last Guy, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [demo], and Warhawk 1.5 patch (maybe new booster pack for $$ as well)

MikeGdaGod5532d ago

i appreciate the stories, even if i don't have my ps3 to play on :-(

Mr_Bun5532d ago

Thanks for the upcoming preview....I agree that it would be more helpful if we could get the rumor before the day of the actual update. I am sure that Sony is waiting around 'til an hour before deciding what to put on the PS Store.

A few days would be preferable, but a few hours will do fine for me.

Harry1905532d ago

Is the DLC going to be free?

StalkingSilence5532d ago

the civilization revolution DLC will not be free...
It cost 3.99 pounds (5.99 euros) in EU today. seems a little steep.
anyway, you said it's been confirmed for US, do you have a link?

ZombieNinjaPanda5532d ago

Pixel Junk Eden, come out last week?

StalkingSilence5532d ago

good catch, it was a mistype. i will update the N4G submission. thanks for pointing it out so i don't confuse anyone. it's not in the full article on PSLS

Sev5532d ago

@ PlayStation Man

The author who wrote the false FFVII announcement has been removed from the site.

And for the Hardware 2 screens, we have our reasons for not releasing them. We weren't just trying to piss people off.

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Battlefield Legacy - Sunsetting Announcement

EA: "As we close in on 15 years since the release of Battlefield 1943, and Bad Company™ 1 & 2, we are announcing that their journey is coming to an end."

darthv72193d ago

This reminds me... I have ME on my PS3 hdd. Never really played it, but it was free.

XiNatsuDragnel193d ago

Digital future ppl is good they say nope imo

Eidolon192d ago

And it still says nothing about being able to downloaded even when it's off the storefront, that's a huge ouchie for some who somehow still have it in their backlog...

Shane Kim192d ago

Dont make it an issue when it's not. If you haven't played it in 15 years, chances are you'll never play it.