Gamervision Review: Final Fantasy IV

Veggie Jackson writes:

''In the twenty one year history of the Final Fantasy series, one title has stood above all others in terms of notoriety, gameplay, characterization, storytelling and nostalgia. That game is, of course, Final Fantasy VII. After that, though, the franchise's most beloved iteration is probably Final Fantasy IV, originally known as Final Fantasy II in North America. With one of gaming's first truly complex plots, memorable protagonists and an unforgettable musical score, the 17-year-old game is held in high regard by RPG gamers worldwide. As a result, Square Enix has remade Final Fantasy IV for the DS with 3D visuals, voice acting and a few features that are totally new to the game.

The plot of Final Fantasy IV revolves around Cecil, a knight in the service of the monarchy of Baron and Lord Captain of the "Red Wings," an elite airship unit. After he is sent on a mission to attack a peaceful nation, Cecil questions his king and is stripped of his rank. He is then sent on a new mission alongside Kaine, his childhood friend, to deliver a package to the Village of Mist. The mission is just another questionable act by the king, though, as the delivered package turns out to be a bomb that kills all but one villager. From then on, Cecil's journey takes him from loyal knight to rebellious paladin, as he travels the world (and beyond) seeking to unravel the King's machinations, collecting elemental crystals, meeting and joining a slew of new teammates and facing betrayal, deception and a horde of deadly enemies. While the general story of FF IV hasn't changed for this remake, the English translations are a huge improvement over the original, and the addition of high quality voice acting makes the already epic story that much more engaging.''

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