No Hitler in new Wolfenstein

Tom Bramwell reports:

''Id Software and Raven may be returning to Wolfenstein to blow up a legion of new Nazis on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but Adolf Hitler won't be among them.

That's according to id's lead artist Kevin Cloud, who laughed off the question at QuakeCon. "No, he's not in our game," he said with a smile. "We've got to save something for future Wolfensteins. We can't do him in yet!"

The new Wolfenstein first-person shooter, due out "when it's done", pits series hero BJ Blazkowicz against occult-hungry Nazis following the conclusion of 2001's PC title Return to Castle Wolfenstein.''

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Rhezin3751d ago

better be good cuz there's a lot of competition this fall and winter and I think this might turn into a sleeper hit. Don't get me wrong LOVED all the Wolfenstein's but something tells me this one might not stand out with all the other heavy hitters comin out at the end of this year.

rushbd3751d ago

but this game will suck