Epic: Online mode is still in first Gear

Epic Games has admitted that Gears Of War's online content is "not the most feature-rich" and that a host of downloadable content is now in the pipeline to make things more interesting for fans.
Epic VP Mark Rein has told MCV that Gears' phenomenal success on Xbox Live is unexpected – because the studio only spent a minority of development time working on the game's multiplayer mode.

"Our main focus on Gears was building the single player game," Rein told MCV. "But while Gears might not be the most feature-rich multiplayer game around, people are still playing it online in absolutely huge and unexpected numbers."

"We're already preparing an update, which is somewhat of a housekeeping task to adjust a few things rather than any significant new functionality, and we're also working on finalising some downloadable content as well. These should be in peoples' hands in the next few weeks – but they're just the first of several things we have planned to keep the Gears fire burning."

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uuuunvnv24944d ago

like being able to change the map after the game starts on none ranked games

4944d ago
OC_MurphysLaw4944d ago

being able to invite friends to a ranked match.

4944d ago
OC_MurphysLaw4944d ago

Look boosting will happen no matter what. I get the fear that everyone has over it, but that said in ranked games there is ZERO cooperative play for the most part because nobody is familiar with anyone playing. This game is all about team work. Being able to team up with squad mates in ranked matches, while it may increase boosting, will make ranked games much more competative. Given that boosting happens already with out friend invites does it really matter if it increases since stats are already skewed? Plus at the end of the day boosting has ZERO effect on game play. So if someone ranked higher than you sucks and only is ranked higher cause they boost you will own them and rape them on a regular basis in game. I say bring on the friend invites for ranked so I can form squads and have a competative team.

4944d ago
OC_MurphysLaw4943d ago

but I want the competative side. There is something about ranked matches that really brings the competative juices out. Maybe its cause you are pitching your self against someone else and you both have a rank (whether inflated or not). In any case, I want to pitch my buddies against another 4 out there. Let our team work go to town on their asses in something that counts for more. You know what i mean? I guess what I want are clan matches/squad matches in a ranked form. Maybe they could have a squad score...might help the issue of "boosting". But I do see your point on this issue too.

Hopefully they will find a way to make us both happy.

4943d ago
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Monchichi0254944d ago

A GEARS OF WAR ONLINE Junkie!! Catch me online Monchichi25

Grown Folks Talk4944d ago

that remembers the monchichis. i talk about that show and nobody has heard of it. getalong gang, turbo teen, shirt tales, jabber jaw, grape ape, wally gator. the good old days of cartoons.

Yo Wassap4943d ago

You've heard of the get along gang? OMG everybody i talk to doesn't know them! I thought it was a rubbish show though; mask was better. And what happened to Ulysses 31, that was a good show too.

Grown Folks Talk4941d ago

that turned into the helicopter. mask was pretty good. the last cartoon i was really into was pirates of darkwater. kids like stupid stuff now a days. cartoons are horrible. plus they ruin the classics. gi joe, he-man, space ghost, transformers, ect.

Munky4944d ago (Edited 4944d ago )

The mic glitch. Anybody who has played the game enough knows what i'm talking about.

"should be in peoples' hands in the next few weeks" - Wishful thinking, I'm expecting months :(

bighed034944d ago

everyone loves the MP but complains about the campaign... yet apparently the majority of epic's focus was on the campaign. hilarious.

PS360PCROCKS4944d ago

what are you talking about? Everyone loves the campaign, hence the reason they love the MP jackass. anyways this is good news, I just want to see more maps really

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