MSNBC think Wii Fit is pretty lame too and all the other 'fitness' games

MSNBC has gone and investigated just how good the Wii can be at making folks fit. In another cringe-worthy moment for Wii fit, the journalist found that after an hour of Wii Fit only 70 calories were burned which can be burned in about 10 minutes riding a bike. Out of the three fitness games tested, Lets Yoga is the only decent one as REFERENCE POINT and not as an actual class.

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forum_crawler4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

WiiFit is a game, and shouldn't be considered to be anything other than a game. It is a game about fitness, that is it. Not a replacement for proper exercise and diet.

Here is the quote:

"After an hour of "Wii Fit," I checked my calorie count and found, to my disappointment, that I’d only burned about 70 calories. That’s a number I can get to in about 10 minutes riding a real-life bike. Certainly, fitness isn’t all about calories, and “Wii Fit” definitely taught me a thing or two about my weak spots (balance, push-ups). I’ll definitely use what I learned in the gym, but “Wii Fit” won’t be replacing any of my workouts anytime soon."

So nowhere do they call wiifit lame. In fact, I agree with this person's assessment. The article is nothing more than a cheap trick to get hits.

I wonder which console that website is biased towards...

Voiceofreason4359d ago

Another problem is that not every game in Wii fit is considered a "work out" I can spend hours doing the slaloms and other balance games and not burn very many calories. I agree though the original article was spun to make it sound much worse. Seems a lot of the Wii news coming uot here is done the same way.

inStereo4359d ago

that MICROSOFT-NBC would give such a scathing review to a Nintendo product!