Videogamer Preview: Halo Wars

Videogamer reports:

"It's an Ensemble game, it's Halo, it's got to rock," insists lead designer Dave Pottinger as we select five Hornet units and send them off to deal with a Covenant Wraith. He's right. Halo Wars has 'got to rock' because if it doesn't an army of would-be Spartans are going to descend on the 360-exclusive RTS like a swarm of ants hell-bent on venting their anger on the milking of one of the most popular video game franchises ever.

First, the good news. You need not worry. We've played Halo Wars, and, somewhat surprisingly, it's really a lot of fun. The most important thing, more important than paying appropriate homage to the Halo universe itself, is solving the console RTS control system conundrum so many developers have failed to crack in the past. From our hands-on time with the game at E3 2008 we're just about convinced Ensemble Studios has its hands on the best solution yet.''

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Xi3750d ago

Everything I've heard from previews for fable, halo wars, bk:n&b all point to greatness.

Not to mention recently downloading braid (an excellent indie title) and the up coming too human I can't wait to get my game on.