Rare: Our 360 titles could have GoldenEye effect

Speaking to Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton has revealed that he believes the studio's 360 titles could well be remembered by today's gamers in the same way a generation looks back on N64 classic GoldenEye.

When asked if Rare is releasing games now that will have a similar effect on these people as older games did with an older generation of gamers, Burton was confident that they would.

"I think that already happened," stated Burton. "It's funny when you get fan mail. We do. We get quite a bit. Some for old stuff, quite a lot for new stuff.

"Whether we have as many of them or more, you'll have to ask me in 10 years time. But then again the market's much bigger, it's much more diverse, there's many more games."

When asked directly if the games Rare is putting out on the Xbox 360 could be this generation's GoldenEye experience, Burton replied: "Could be, yeah. It would be a different experience from GoldenEye without a doubt."

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Silogon3751d ago

Yeah, cause Kameo and Perfect Dark are both incredible games that broke down the walls of gamers expectations the world over.

Rare, do me a solid... shut up.

green3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I believe this time silogan it's you that needs to shut up.

Kameo was a fantastic launch title and was only handicapped by the very small install base at the time.If that game was launched today it will do much better because if you actually go back Kameo, you will realise that it has not aged one bit.Why do you think that alot of 360 fans are crying out for a Kameo sequel?

Perfect dark on the other hand has aged badly but in 2005, it was aa very enjoyable game.When you start a mission you have the ability to choose your basic weapons.the environment where all very different, breakaway armor on the enemies, multiple paths and co-op.Also don't forget that it employed a squad based multiplayer system.

EDIT: One question, have you played Viva Piniata?That game is one very innovative game that got a lot of great reviews and the sequel looks even better.

Banjo Nuts and Blots could end up a surprise hit because every single post E3 preview have had nothing but praise for the game.

So instead of telling then to "Shut up" , why don't you applaud them for setting such standards for themselves.

FreeMonk3751d ago

When Rare was producing games for the SNES & N64, the games they were releasing were top notch games and now classics!!

Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct, Goldeneye, Donkey Kong, Banjo Kazooie, Jet Force Gemini, Diddy Kong Racing, Perfect Dark.

Those games are classics, and will be remembered by many a fan. That was when Rare had it's original founders and team. Now a majority of that team have left Rare, with most of them working for Free Radical.

Now I have no doubt that Rare will produce some nice titles. Kameo was a great game, as was Viva Pinata..but will they match the quality of previous titles...somehow I don't think so.

I'd love to see it, but Rare is not the company it was 10 years ago, which is a shame!

juuken3751d ago

I agree FreeMonk. Goldeneye, Killer Instinct, and DonkeyKong were classics. I never played GoldenEye but I loved Killser Instinct. I had that for the SNES and gameboy. It'll be good to see them bring back some classics though.

solidsnakus3751d ago

i dont know but i think rare is starting to suck, WAIT!! but its only because Ms is making them work on shiity titles now. if they made a proper perfect dark( one that isnt rushed and incomplete) it would of been a really great game. i still have PDZ and still think its a great game.

Bonsai12143751d ago

except the core snes/n64 team of rare people left..

dachiefsman3751d ago

jebus negative nancy. do you ever say anything postive? you remind me of one of those rich chicks who b*tch all the time when they should be happy with their situation.

callahan093751d ago

360 games Perfect Dark & Kameo are both un-fun and ugly in my opinion. I played them each about 1 year after launch, and couldn't stand them. Not even close to the caliber of Rare's older work.

I tried Viva Pinata, and that is by far their best game since Microsoft acquired the studio, but I didn't personally like that game either. It was a rather interesting, pretty, and deep game, but not my cup of tea. Rare still hasn't made one thing I've enjoyed since they released Conker's Bad Fur Day back on the N64.

Superfragilistic3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

This article from the other day explains him perfectly...

"The STFU mentality isn’t designed to foster debate, rather to shut it down... STFU isn’t criticism, it’s attempted intimidation. Why attempt to silence any developer when their words provide an opening for the kind of further inquiry and pointed questions that will generate more fruitful discussions?"

solidsnakus3751d ago

wow , cant belive you guys dont like PDZ. really good game IMO, it was totaly rushed and its apparent in the animations being all out of sync. but the controls and gameplay is solid.still fun to this day i play it once in a while to play some infection mode.

deeznuts3751d ago

Just tried Kameo last night ... I pass. Not my cup of tea apparently.

foodbox3751d ago

Disclosure: I've not played Perfect Dark.

BUT, I have played the HELL out of Kameo. It is an exceptional game. From your loud-mouthed nonsense, we can tell you've never played Kameo, because for those who do, they have a great respect for it.

Kameo is one of the most under-rated games of the generation.

And, clearly you've also *never* played Viva Pinata, which, again, is massively under-appreciated.

Sure, both games have a very-good-sized fanbase crying out for sequals (yay! Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise!)...

And, from everything we've seen of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, they've got a very serious hit under-development.

You're anti-MS rage has caused you to speak out your anus, perhaps you should take your FUD to the open zone? I think you should >

power of Green 3751d ago

There was nothing wrong with Kameo, the 360 ;aunch period had a much differnt demographic. lol

Pefect dark was a great rushed title that had to make launch. I know insider MSFT game testers, Perfect Dark Zero 2 is going to be huge(multi player huge, more realistic appoach, massive battles).

dantesparda3751d ago

But Rare is definitely not what it used to be, when it was with Nintendo. I bought both PDZ and Kameo (along with PGR3 and a VGA cable) when i first bought my 360. And while i did think that Kameo was a beautiful game, I did not think it was that great a game. It was just "OK" at best for me, I really just didnt like the way it controlled and all the switching back and forth between the guys (and i beat the game). Didnt really like or was impressed by PGR3 either (although i think part 4 is far more impressive, and i especially liked the motorcycles). But loved PDZ, i know alot of people hate it. And part of the reason for that was that it was missing mad weapons and sh!t from the original N64 game and alot of people thought the story was cheesy. But i thought the game looked beautiful and played great. As a matter of fact, i think that PDZ, is much better Halo 3, and I liked Halo 1 alot! (but feel that they've deterioted since then), and is one of my favorite games on the system.

But everything they've brought out since then has sucked in my opinion. I completely hated Viva Pinata, and its a kids game. And Banjo just looks like Viva to me. And i really like the N64 Banjo. And the Avatar's artwork looks absolutely horrible to me. So i am not impressed with their work as of late.

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Masko3751d ago

cuz yeah, u work for rare right. shut up already

PistolPumptMonk3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

haha calm down there ol' buddy, let me explain myself before you get your panties in a bunch.

I'm not saying that Rare doesn't have talented people working for them, or that they aren't capable of putting out amazing games.

But with so many great games coming out nowadays, and with every genre being over saturated with gems, what are the chance that another game could have the impact of GOLDENEYE.

We're talking about one of the most amazing games of my childhood, and being someone who has played all the great games of late, I just don't see that happening again.

I will now CLARIFY by saying that this not happening is an opinion, and yes, I will give Rare a snowball's chance in hell of developing a title that completely rocks the gaming world. And no, Viva Pinata and Banjo Kazooie do not count. Also, before you go telling people to shut up, work on not being such a punk. Thanks.


PS360WII3751d ago

Says the delusional man

foodbox3751d ago

Kameo is exceptional. Viva Pinata is exceptional.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is looking to be a massive hit.

What part of this is confusing to you? Get your shiat straight.

RememberThe3573750d ago

Like many of you GoldenEye was one of the best time I ever had with a game. Me and my friends would play it all night trying to get the golden gun and kick everyones ass. But what I've seen of Rare has been good but not great. GoldenEye, for it's time, was great, Perfect Dark, for its time, was great, and the list goes on. Rare does not seem like the same developer to me and operantly they aren't considering most of those guy are with Free Radical now. I can completely respect your love for the games they make now, but they are not the same quality of the past. I have not seen anything in Banjo that impressed me at all. Maybe I'll see something else but I kind of doubt it.

DaKid3751d ago

Its a good goal. If they keep trying to work towards this goal more power to them, I wish them luck.

himdeel3751d ago's a lofty goal but when Golden Eye came out it was a VERY different time. A lot has changed.

RadientFlux3751d ago

I don't see why they couldn't. Heck any game developer has a chance of creating a masterpiece. Sure some developers are more likely than others but the chance is still there.

Immortal Kaim3751d ago

Exactly, we all know RARE are capable of making masterpieces, we are just yet to see something of that calibre This Gen.

No one can say with absolute certainty that they won't achieve that high level of creation again. I suppose we will have to wait and see.

Superfragilistic3751d ago

And Rare has a track record of producing masterpieces... so their chances are better than most. I suspect they'd also be their own worst critics and given they know what they're working on as opposed to idiots that seemingly know it all like Siligon, I'm happy to give them the benefit of doubt.

Plus if you look at their history they went through a similarly underwhelming stage with the NES before they hit it big with Donkey Kong Country on SNES (maybe Banjo this time?), and then followed with five years of megahits on the N64.

Kameo and Viva Pinata were both solid titles and despite the aging of Perfect Dark it still managed 81 on Metacritic.

They haven't had that Goldeneye yet. But I read on IGN or EDGE that Banjo could very much be the Goldeneye of Platforming... personally I can't wait to find out! :)