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OXM Online: Braid Review

The story consists of a sometimes-opaque progression of words, images, and puzzles that seem laden with hidden meaning, but whether you find its lessons insightful or pretentious, there's no denying that the memorable finale is a tour de force of mirrored causality and mercilessly tweaked perceptions. That it appears inside such an intricately crafted whole just cements Braid's status as an absorbing triumph of thoughtful design. The only downside? Microsoft's foolish decision to charge $15 instead of the usual $10. We understand why that'll keep many of you away, and while it is too expensive, Braid is absolutely a game you shouldn't miss.

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Bangladesh4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

I agree with this review wholeheartedly. Braid took me by suprise at how "outside of the box" the game is, even though it does a little fan service to Nintendo. It really showed me how trained my mind had grown over the years to the "rules of 2D platform/puzzlers". Hopefully the $15 I gave for it, goes to getting Braids single developer a whole team, this guy needs to be a lead designer with his own studio.

The rabbits that scream like a cat are comedy gold.